Bug#414456: [php-maint] Bug#414456: Apache2 error 500 with tt_news Typo3 extension

Martin Sebald msebald at hot-chilli.net
Mon Mar 12 20:51:02 CET 2007

Hello Sean!

> after a bit of time, i've got typo3 installed and the tt_news extension
> loaded.  however, i can't seem to find my way to whatever part of the
> menu/procedure you're talking about in the original bug report.  could
> you give some detailed step-by-step instructions for someone who's never
> ever used this system before? 

;-) I also don't use Typo3 but I managed to reproduce the problem. It's not
complicated but maybe hard to find when you don't use Typo3. All the Typo3
installations on my system are shown in German, I hope I translate it back

Did you create any pages? If not you have to create a page and on this page
you have to create a new record. When creating this new record you can
select News under Plugins. What you have to do now, I don't know as I'm
only looking into running Typo3 installations. After saving this record you
get back to the overview where you can click on the pencil (Edit) to edit
the record. Now the error 500 appears.

> oh, and btw, "just in case", you should try disabling your memory limit
> by setting it to -1 to make sure that's not the cause of your problems (i
> hit a memory limit when setting this up) 

I tried but it did not work. But it was worth a try.


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