[php-maint] FYI - subversion directories have been moved!

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Mar 14 23:54:12 CET 2007

hey folks,

as promised last week, and since no one raised objections in the
meantime, i've done the following changes:

php4/branches/sarge -> php4/branches/sarge/debian
php4/branches/etch -> php4/branches/etch/debian
php4/trunk -> php4/trunk/etch
php5/branches/etch -> php5/branches/etch/debian
php5/trunk -> php5/trunk/debian

and for the curious, this is what i ran (from inside a checked out

svn mkdir debian; for f in *; do if [ ! "$f" = "debian" ]; then svn mv
$f debian; fi; done
svn commit -m 'moving to debian subdir format'

i *haven't* changed any of the tags directories, and don't plan on doing
so unless either somone asks me to or the need otherwise arises.  future
tagged directories will have the new subdirectory style format, however.

	sean (who can now happily and more efficiently maintain php)

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