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Martin Lohmeier martin at mein-horde.de
Thu Mar 15 20:36:00 CET 2007

sean finney wrote:

> -- pear, pecl, and php policy --
> afaik the pear/pecl situation is still really messy wrt debian php
> library/extension packages vs locally installed extensions.  it's been
> so long that i don't even remember what was recommended in the php
> policy draft, nor do i remember what was and was not implemented.
> this needs revisiting, and ideally some consensus/reminders on what
> needs to be done.


the issue of how to deal with pear packages which are installed local
has also been on my mind. When finishing the adoption of the pear
packages this will be one topic I'll deal with. Since I use the pear
command in debian/rules I could add a test to see if a local version of
the package is already installed...or something like this.

bye, Martin

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