Bug#411982: [php-maint] Bug#411982: php5 makes a segmentation fault when php5-curl

Hans Grobler hans.grobler at up.ac.za
Sun Mar 18 09:10:17 CET 2007

On Sun, 2007-03-11 at 19:26 +0100, sean finney wrote:
> hrm... i can't reproduce this, even when i set up an etch chroot with
> everything in your dpkg output installed (minus a few non-debian
> packages that were probablly not related).  how about your pam/libnss
> configuration?  also, it's a major pain to get moodle set up to test
> this, could you provide a smaller self-contained script that also
> exhibits this behaviour?  perhaps a small script that uses curl/ssl or
> maybe postgres features just enough to tickle the bug?

I have updated to the latest packages (including those of php5) and the
segfault remains. On my system, only the moodle cron script triggers
this bug. Other test scripts do not produce this. However, I have not
tried with php-postgres included, although that does seem to be needed
given that the moodle script accesses a postgresql database.

> fwiw, these are the packages i could not/did not install in the test
> chroot.  besides the linux-image stuff, the dell stuff, and some local
> configuration-looking packages, i saw some older packages no longer
> available in etch.  you might want to see what's in those packages, if
> any of them have shared libraries could you share their contents?

I have removed all unnecessary packages and the problem remains. The
remaining packages are unrelated and do not show up in the shared
library dependency list of the core file produced. 

-- Hans

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