Bug#414456: [php-maint] Bug#414456: Ref. to PHP bug

Jean-Luc Henry jlhenry at tc2l.ca
Mon Mar 26 16:43:14 CET 2007


Same error.

> are you testing with the apache module or with the command-line
> of php5?   from the info you provide below there's still a lot of -8
> packages installed, including the cli version.

Using Apache2 with Typo3.
I've not installed the other packages because they are not needed in my
installation (I guess)

> i was able to see the bug on php.net, but there was a link to proof of
> concept on another site that doesn't exist anymore.  however, when i
> read further down in the bug report i found a second example that
> cause segfaults, and when i applied the patch the segfaults went away.

Nor me.

Anyway, I've contact on Wednesday "zizka at seznam dot cz"  the bug
reporter in order to find the code (no answer since then).

Thanks a lot!!
Jean-luc Henry
Systèmes, Veille, Rayonnement / Systems & FLOSS Advocate
Techno Centre Logiciels Libres, http://www.tc2l.ca/
Téléphone : (418) 681-2929 #115

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