Bug#420609: [php-maint] Bug#420609: memory leaks [ unfortunately continued ]

Thomas Lamy Thomas.Lamy at in-online.net
Thu May 3 06:06:30 UTC 2007

.PaKud wrote:
> Betreff: Bug#420609: [php-maint] Bug#420609: memory leaks [
unfortunately continued ]
> Steve Langasek wrote:
> >
> > So this looks to me like a bug in memory_get_usage(), not a memory

> heh - you are most probably right - there was also other fishy
> behavior of memory_get_usage reported in php 5.2 at
> http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=39652. but still i have a hunch that
> there is something not right: i have peace of code that works as
> daemon and i started to experience increasing memory usage over time
> ended with memory allocation errors after moving it from php4 to php5.
> i'll keep on investigating.

I've seen huge memory leaks in 5.2.0-10; unfortunately I wasn't able to
strip the code down to a 10 liner. In my case it seemed to be caused by
copying array elements from one array to another (like, but not exactly
behaving like array_merge()), as in:

function abc($a1, $a2) {
  foreach ($a2 as $var=>$val) {
    if (!isset($a1[$var])) {
      $a1[$var] = $a2[$var];
  return $a1;

And that function was called from within a directory walker.
In my case this function was called ~200 times, with $a1 constantly
growing up to ~50kB data. php-cli's mem usage (as reported by top) went
up to 600M and finally died with OOM.
Even unset()ting didn't help in my case, so I did a complete rewrite
using (ugly) array references.

Perhaps this helps someone tracking down the problem

Kind regards

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