[php-maint] Bug#420609: memory leak

.PaKud kudzia at gmail.com
Fri May 11 06:57:07 UTC 2007

Package: php5-snmp
Version: 5.2.0-8+etch3

it seems that each [successful] execution of snmpget leaks memory. i
hope this time it's not false alert - code seems to be straightforward
and result [ after few h of execution ] - obvious.

execution of following script:

                $x = snmpget( "address_of_server" , "public" ,
                echo "$x\n";

ends with:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to
allocate 2 bytes) in /root/mem/y.php on line 7

growth of memory usage can be seen on ps faux , it seems that php
actually allocates much more memory then expected 8MB.

Pawel Kudzia / .PaKud / http://pqd.one.pl

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