[php-maint] Bug#453295: CVE-2007-6039: possible DoS

Steffen Joeris steffen.joeris at skolelinux.de
Wed Nov 28 11:56:28 UTC 2007

Package: php5-common
Severity: important
Tags: security


The following CVE[0] has been issued against php5. Could you please
check, if the debian packages are affected?


PHP 5.2.5 and earlier allows context-dependent attackers to cause a
denial of service (application crash) via a long string in (1) the
domain parameter to the dgettext function, the message parameter to the
(2) dcgettext or (3) gettext function, the msgid1 parameter to the (4)
dngettext or (5) ngettext function, or (6) the classname parameter to
the stream_wrapper_register function. NOTE: this might not be a
vulnerability in most web server environments that support multiple
threads, unless this issue can be demonstrated for code execution.

In case you fix this bug by an upload, please mention the CVE id in your


[0]: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2007-6039

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