[php-maint] Bug#443637: #443637 php5: FTBFS: recode extension can not be configured together with: imap mysql

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Sat Oct 13 10:27:03 UTC 2007


List night debugging of this, with the help of Atomo64, seanius and
vorlon, led to the conclusion that the build system is broken due to the
suhosin.patch & others changing files in incorrect order.

Thing is, that configure needs to be re-generated in order to avoid the
"recode extension can not be configured together with: imap mysql" error
and replace it with just a warning.

On amd64, due to its hi-res stamps, configure is not re-generated and
so we have the error.

OTOH, re-generating configure (and main/php_config.h.in) overwrites the
patches applied to them so it can't be left for build-time.

vorlon promised to take a look. I'd very much like to see this fixed
"properly", which will have educational effect too :)

My ideas for the fix include yet another patch, that is applied before
most of the rest, that applies the changes to configure and
main/php_config.h.in so there won't be a need to re-generate them in
non-controlled environment (a.k.a. buildd). This would require
reordering of the patches, all patches that modify configure
pre-requisites should be applied before the configure patch for example.
As a nice side effect, auto* may be dropped from build-dependencies.

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