[php-maint] Bug#443637: Patch for #443637: FTBFS

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Thu Oct 18 13:04:47 UTC 2007

tags 443637 patch

[Cc-ed to vorlon so he can give his expert opinion too :)]


I don't attach the patch, since it is 500k bz2. Find it at


 * Avoid re-generation of auto-foo during build
   Closes: #443637: FTBFS: recode extension can not be configured together
   with: imap mysql
   + Drop autoconf and automake from Build-Depends
   + Drop parts of suhoshin.patch fiddling with generated content
   + Add new patch, 999_autoreconf.patch, containing the results of
   + Remove config.guess in clean
   + added debian/regen-auto-patches.sh to help re-generate
     999_autoreconf.patch on new upstream releases
   + Patch PHP_EXTRA_VERSION directly in configure, after all other patches

The whole idea is to avoid any kind of re-generation of autotools files
during the build process. Instead, we re-generate what is needed once
and place the change in a big fat patch, 999_autoreconf.patch.

For this to happen, we also need to drop the part of suhoshin.patch that
changes files that we re-build.

There is a final glitch, handling of PHP_EXTRA_VERSION cannot be
handlied via a patch, since this should reflect whenever the package is
NMU/security uploaded. Thus, configure is hand-patched in the prepare
target (was: configure.in patched in the same manner).

To ease the management of the 999_autoreconf.patch, a new script pops
up, debian/regen-auto-patches.sh. Reading through it should make obvious
what it does.

Build tested on i386 and amd64.

If any part of the above needs clarification, I'd be happy to try to
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