[php-maint] Bug#442247: [PHP-DEV] CVE-2007-4840

sean finney seanius at seanius.net
Tue Sep 18 21:48:55 UTC 2007

hi stanislav,

(hope you don't mind i'm going to cc this off to a few addresses, no need to 
keep them cc'd for further correspondance though)

On Tuesday 18 September 2007 10:56:16 pm Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
> > ah, so it's a glibc issue then?  istr a similar thing come up with
> > truetype fonts that ended up being a bug in the tr1 lib, but because the
> > PoC used php it was classified as a php vulnerabity.  if it's the same
> > case here then i think the onus is on glibc...
> Well, I think we can still impose limit on iconv parameters, it doesn't
> seem to hurt anything. But the problem is reproduceable in pure C...

sure, understood.  and yes, i can reproduce the problem too.  it looks to me 
like the underlying charsets passed to iconv_foo in libc are "converted" 
using temporary memory allocated on the stack:

===== test program ======

#include <iconv.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv){
        char tmpbuf[2991371];
        char tmpbuf2[2991371];
        memset(tmpbuf, '/', 2991370);
        memset(tmpbuf2, '/', 2991370);
        tmpbuf[2991370] = '\0';
        tmpbuf2[2991370] = '\0';
        iconv_open(tmpbuf, tmpbuf2);

===== iconv/iconv_open.c =====

iconv_open (const char *tocode, const char *fromcode)
  char *tocode_conv;
  char *fromcode_conv;
  size_t tocode_len;
  size_t fromcode_len;
  __gconv_t cd;
  int res;

  /* Normalize the name.  We remove all characters beside alpha-numeric,
     '_', '-', '/', '.', and ':'.  */
  tocode_len = strlen (tocode);
  tocode_conv = (char *) alloca (tocode_len + 3);

so it's not surprising that big strings could end up being problematic...

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