[php-maint] Bug#383020: next

Boris covill covill at etenas.com.br
Fri Sep 21 12:53:02 UTC 2007

Rum'or N,e-w-s,: 
On c.ology M'e_d-. I-n.c .  (OT.C: O.NCO) a C-ancer Trea,t ment S+olu,tions Gro'up is s*a.i,d to h a+v*e 

expe,ri-enced o v e.r a 10+00% inc*-rease in r,eve+nues f o.r t h.e fisca+l 3 r-d qua'rter endin g J*u_l+y,, 

2+0-0,7 c-ompa red w*i-t h t+h e p+rior y.e*a.r whi+le f iscal fo.urth quarte r r.esults f,o-r 2'0-0+7 a r-e on

t,rack to e-xceed t.h*i s ye*ar’s thi.rd q.uarter results,. 

O*N'C_O addi tionall y pl ans to inc're*ase se-rvice offering-,s wh-ich a'r,e cur+r_ently unde_rwa,y. 
D_on’t w,a.i.t f'o-r t h-e n'e.w*s to c'o,m.e o u.t a n-d l'o's'e t*h e oppo.rt*unity to g'e.t in f.ront of the
ge,neral inve_s+ting publi c.  Oncol,o-gy M,e,d is in a multibillio..n dolla,r i ndu*stry w'h_e,r.e 
t'h,e_y a_r e gai'ning mar,ket shar e rapidl*y. 

C a,l'l y'o.u_r broke_r n-o w f-o-r O.N+C*O-. 

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