[php-maint] up-to-date policy for PHP PEAR modules

Gregory Colpart reg at evolix.fr
Fri Sep 21 23:23:22 UTC 2007


On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 06:25:03PM +0200, sean finney wrote:
> > The current pear package seems to pear install to /usr/share/php,
> > cluttering directories that are supposed to be under dpkg control.  Grr.
> yes, this has been a well known and documented problem (hrm... maybe #311267 
> should be cloned and/or reassigned to php5/php-pear), for which i've kept my 
> head intentionally buried in the ground...
> maybe now we have someone motivated to do something about it though? :)

I'm doing some tests to have acceptable hack to reserve
/usr/share/php for dpkg and to have "pear install" to
/usr/local/share/php. I will post my tests in this thread.

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