[php-maint] Bug#493045: Bug#493045: Segmentation Fault in cron console PHP Job

Timo Kirst tkirst at hot-chilli.net
Sat Aug 2 11:28:48 UTC 2008

Hello Raphael,

thx for the quick reply and sorry for the late response.

I attached one of the modules which causes the problem. It uses the
mktime and the time function. The checkAuthDB.conf file which gets included
just carries the config array with the localhost mysql connect

Version of libmysqlclient15off is 5.0.51a-11

See my other comments below.

On Thursday 31 July 2008, Raphael Geissert wrote:

> tag 493045 moreinfo
> thanks

> On Wednesday 30 July 2008, Timo Kirst wrote:
>> Package: php5
>> Version: 5.2.6-2
>> Hi there,
>> exactly since we upgraded to this package we get intermittent
>> Segmentation Faults from two cron jobs each running a php skript every 5
>> minutes.
>> During the last 7 days this happened 20 times. The scripts have not
>> changed for months now and they ran without any problem at all.
>> One example (content of the cron status mail):
>> /bin/sh: line 1: 13954 Segmentation fault      /sbin/mailbox_watcher
>> >>/var/log/mailbox_watcher.log
> ...
>> I am simply not able to reproduce it. Although it keeps happening.
> What do you mean by that? you can not reproduce it in a separate environment,
> or when manually running the cronjob, or what?

I can not reproduce it means that I did not find a way where the error
appears every single time.

> Could you please provide any or both scripts? if you can't: do they use
> time/date functions? what version of the libmysqlclient15off package do you
> have?

The answers to these questions are stated above.

> Could you please install php5-dbg and run the script under gdb.

I will do that this weekend and report then.

>> Any thoughts on that? If you see any procedure, logs, etc I could try to
>> narrow the problem down with, pls let me know.
>> One word about the complexity of the two skripts. They are totally
>> different. The one is just a "dirty" procedural code, the other is
>> more object oriented with a class defined.
>> See the first lines of this skript below:
> ...
>> Ok, and here the first lines of the mailbox_watcher
> ...

> Those lines are actually useless.


Regards, Timo

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