[php-maint] Kerberos problems how to custom build?

Roberson, Jeff jroberson at bethelks.edu
Mon Aug 4 17:46:07 UTC 2008

Good afternoon.  I have a Debian installation running the Horde3 framework accessing a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server.  I'm being forced to use the imapproxy package because of Kerberos errors when I attempt to directly access the IMAP server.  The message I'm getting back is "Kerberos error: No credentials cache found (try running kinit) for
servera.bethelks.edu".  I've run kinit and set it up, but everyone sees my mailbox and not their own.  The only solution I've found is to use the imapproxy package, but it has performance issues.

My question is, how can I compile a custom php5-imap package that matches what you do without the Kerberos extensions?  Or is there a simple way to disable Kerberos in the php5-imap package?

Thank you in advance.

          - Jeff Roberson
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