[php-maint] Bug#426780: Bug#426780: Init-script for php-cgi in external FASTCGI Mode (Daemon mode)

Olaf van der Spek Olaf at XWIS.Net
Sun Dec 21 22:35:50 UTC 2008

 > I don't believe that's appropriate to ship enabled.  Most users who 
have php5-cgi installed are *not* running it in fastcgi mode, because 
there's no complete free fastcgi implementation available for apache.

Most users are using mod_php, which does not require php5-cgi AFAIK.
So are you sure your claim is correct? I doubt they're running PHP in 
CGI mode.

Anyway, what's the status of this request?
I'm also looking for this script to use it with Nginx.
It might be useful with a future Lighttpd too.


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