[php-maint] Bug#463979: Confirmed on sid

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Tue Feb 5 16:14:27 UTC 2008

found 463979 5.2.5-2

This problem exists in the version from sid too:

mkdir pear-build
cd cgi-build && make install-pear PHP_PEAR_PHP_BIN=/usr/bin/php PHP_PEAR_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/share/php PHP_PEAR_SYSCONF_DIR=/etc/pear PHP_PEAR_SIG_BIN=/usr/bin/gpg INSTALL_ROOT=/home/dom/php5-5.2.5/pear-build
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/dom/php5-5.2.5/cgi-build'
Installing PEAR environment:      /home/dom/php5-5.2.5/pear-build/usr/share/php/
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/dom/php5-5.2.5/cgi-build'
download directory "/tmp/pear/cache" is not writeable.  Change download_dir config variable to a writeable dir



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