[php-maint] Bug#462607: Bug#462607: php5-curl: missing dependency: ca-certificates and openssl

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Sat Jan 26 09:05:27 UTC 2008

reassign 462607 libcurl3

On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 03:28:31AM +0000, lkcl wrote:

> performing a rather minimalist chroot environmented php5 / apache2.2
> install, a rather weird bug occurred - usual stupid lack of php
> debugging hindered that and had to use strace, which showed that
> ca-certificates wasn't being used.

> apt-get install openssl ca-certificates fixed the problem.

> php5-curl was being used.

php5-curl does not need ca-certificates for operation; it works just fine
for http urls without it, which accounts for most available web resources,
and it can also be used with curl_setopt($h,CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER,FALSE) to
disable certificate checking or with curl_setopt($h,CURLOPT_CAINFO,$certfile)
to specify an alternate certificate path.  I don't see the reason for
php5-curl to depend on a particular collection of certificates here.

Even if this does warrant a dependency, php5-curl is the wrong package to
specify that dependency.  php5-curl is just a set of bindings to libcurl; so
if php5-curl should have ca-certificates installed for normal use, then the
dependency belongs to libcurl3, not to php5-curl.  Indeed, the libcurl3 in
etch did depend on ca-certificates.

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