[php-maint] Q: pkg-php, a possible home for debianized PEAR modules?

Stephanie Layton stephanielayton at mac.com
Sun Jun 22 18:56:28 UTC 2008


Currently am getting together seven or eight PEAR modules for debian packaging.  Some of these packages have already been created by a fellow packager.  A few others are being created in the next couple of weeks.  This group of packages will be co-maintained by myself and the other debian packager mentioned herein.   Our next thing to do is find a most appropriate home for this collaborative effort.  We do know that it will be within Alioth, but uncertain as to exactly where within Alioth. 

It was suggested by Alioth that I check in with you folks and see if you might find it a reasonable and agreeable idea to house these PEAR packages under pkg-php project.  Alioth mentioned the advantages of this as being less overhead when expanding existing projects.  Also noted is that larger projects tend to live longer/more meaningfully.  Perhaps most pertinent to the request is that PEAR ('P'HP 'E'xtension and 'A'pplication 'R'epository) is all about PHP.

Thoughts, questions, comments about this idea?


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