[php-maint] s/thursday/weekend/

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Thu May 1 22:27:32 UTC 2008

hey peeps,

just fyi, no upload today.  got a late start and then ended up getting 
distracted by a new bug between svn-do and debhelper (#478958) that got in 
the way of reviewing/preparing changes.  so, i'm now shooting for sometime 
over the weekend.

regarding the pending patches/fixes etc:

- php5-dbg and the sys timezonedb stuff are still planned for inclusion

- i'll spend a short amount of time looking at the filter patch that raphael 
pinged about (fixing the issue with double-build of extensions hopefully), 
since we're going through NEW anyway seems like a nice time to include it if 
we plan to do it.

- time permitting i'll review/merge the new ini handling stuff too.

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