[php-maint] Bug#507189: asterisk: Depends on libc-client2007b which is not in unstable

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun Nov 30 10:56:30 UTC 2008

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On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 11:06:37AM +1100, Mark Purcell wrote:
>On Saturday 29 November 2008 10:28:44 Ben Hutchings wrote:
>>   libc-client2007b has been replaced by libc-client2007d in unstable.
>Thanks Ben. As you state this only effects sid, not lenny which is 
>(maybe) good for the rdepends.
>Are you intending for libc-client2007d to migrate to lenny?  Your 
>change log indicates that this maybe an important release. However I 
>haven't seen any discussion on debian-release nor any coordination with 
>the rdepends.

No, I have no plans to special-case uw-imap 2007d regarding the freeze 
of Lenny.

A security update contains virtually all of the contents of that new 

>If not you upload makes life difficult for the rdepends as we can no 
>longer upload any proposed lenny changes via unstable.

I believe this to be a general complication of a long freeze period. And 
I believe it better to have such complication for developers at large 
than burdening the release team with requests for special-casing to 
bring Lenny in sync with Sid.

On the other hand, I do not see any problem in allowing newest uw-imap 
into Lenny - now that release team is bothered about this issue after 

If release do not want the Sid released package into Lenny, but instead 
would want a specially crafted package only containing upstream changes 
and not any possible updates to the cdbs packaging routines, then I see 
no point in spending time on that: there is already a security update 
like that.

>Has the ABI/API actually changed that has necessitated a new -dev 
>package and lib package.


Historically, the uw-imap package was licensed requiring indication of 
any derivative work in the naming of the files (as I interpreted it), 
which is the reason for the current libname-based-on-package-version 

License since changed, but I did not get around to changing the naming 
scheme before the freeze.

It is worth noting that the very shared library is a Debian-specific 
thing, discourages upstream. So there is no upstream soname, it is 
purely Debian-specific.

As related security issue is that Alpine, using same codebase, uses its 
own duplicate of the code instead of the shared library offered as 
libc-clientXXX.so (its predecessor, the non-free pine, was patched to 
link against our libc-client library, but I have so far failed to 
convince the maintainer of alpine to the benefits of sharing code).

>As you maybe aware a new -dev package means that all rdepends must be 
>changed and reloaded, whilst just a change in the lib package allows 
>for binNMU.

Yes, I believe I do understand the issue of rdepends here.

>Could I ask you to coordinate with the rdepends and discuss/ file bugs 
>for what you see as the way forward for integration with uw-imap.

As I do not intend to bump the version in Lenny, I fail to see the need 
for coordination here. Please help me see the light if I somehow miss 
your point - I _do_ want to cooperate. :-)

Kind regards,

  - Jonas

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