[php-maint] Bug#501313: Bug#501313: Fixed in lenny?

Gokdeniz Karadag gokdenizk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 09:39:49 UTC 2008

Raphael Geissert demis ki::
> Hi,
> 2008/10/15 Samat K Jain <samat at samat.org>:
>>> I cannot test with lenny as I have no installed lenny system, but if
>>> gc_probability setting in php.ini is honored, then the bug is fixed.
>> It is honored on lenny, yes. Though, it remains disabled (gc_probability = 0).
>>> Is it possible to make php in etch aware of the gc_probability setting By
>>> using the same fix?
>> Someone else will have to answer that... But since lenny will become the new stable soon (hopefully), it may be better use of effort to prepare a switch to lenny than debugging this in etch.
> IIRC gc_probability should work in etch just like it does in lenny. It
> was just turned off in the default php.ini, nothing else.
> Please confirm soon, or else I'll just close this bug as there is no real bug.

There is a problem in etch.

In etch, I have changed the gc_probability in php.ini,
I gave a high probability/divisor ratio (about 1/10, also tried 1/1)
and restarted apache. Garbage collection never happened.

As soon as I copied those settings into the webapp's code with iniset,
garbage collection worked.

This states that gc_probability was compiled in as 0,
* Comment out session.gc_probability in the default php.ini, as we've
     now compiled in a default of 0, allowing the cronjob to do the
     garbage collection for us instead. (closes: #267720)

Changing it back may allow the setting in php.ini work.

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