[php-maint] PHP debian package from upstream release

Jeremy Smith jeremy at blazonco.com
Fri Oct 24 17:22:10 UTC 2008


I'm trying to reach the maintainers of the PHP5 package in order to see 
whether there were any scripts or procedures you use to prepare a debian 
package from an upstream source package.  I'm trying to build a debian 
package of PHP 5.3 alpha 2 (for internal use) so we can start targeting 
it and still be able to upgrade it to the real thing when it comes out 
at some point in the future.  Any tips you could give me would be most 
helpful; I've tried copying your debian/ directory from the latest 5.2 
source package and applying/modifying it for the 5.3 alpha 2 source, but 
as you can imagine this hasn't been particularly successful.  I've 
gotten as far as building the source, but I am obviously missing a few 
preparation steps because it fails when it gets to building the apache2 
portion.  The specific error (which I'm sure is not unexpected) is:

apache-build/libtool: No such file or directory

This doesn't seem to be a problem in the real 5.2 source package, which 
I did successfully build from source just to make sure I wasn't missing 
any necessary dependencies.

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