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Mrs. Seilta Okpom seilta1 at terra.com
Sun Sep 7 22:08:58 UTC 2008

*From Mrs. Seilta Okpom*

*Dear One,*

*I do apologize for approaching you in such a manner, but circumstances
forced me to do so. My name is Mrs. Seilta Loveth Okpom, wife of late Dr. J.
Okpom an international export business man from Sierra-Leone based in
Abidjan before he was poisoned to death in 2006 by his business associates
in one of their outings on a business trip to Bouake the (Northern part of
Cote d'Ivoire) where he went for negociation of his new factory. When my
husband was alife, he deposited this fund ($7.500.00M) in one of the good
Banks here in Abidjan. *

*It's with tears and pains that I write this mail from my sick bed in the
hospital for your assistance to help me and my only son Ubanna to invest 50%
of this fund in a good business in your country so that he can come over to
your country to further his education. I would also want you to use 25% to
be a blessing to the poor in your country and in other countries as i and my
late husband have wished before his died. My son Ubanna is only 17 years old
now and can not handle this fund himself. *

*If you know that you can be TRUSTED in this matter to act as I will direct
you, kindly indicate by calling me immediately on this number
+22501017881for more deatils and to enable me give you the contact of
the bank where
this fund is deposited before i go for surgerry operation. I will offer you
20% of the total sum as compensation of your effort and 5% for any expenses
which you may incur in course of this transfer. But if you find my mail
offensive or for any reason you find yourself uncapable to handle this great
project, kindly ignore it and please accept my apology. *


*            Thank you and God bless.
            Yours faithfully,
            TEL: +22501017881*
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