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Greetings to you,



I am Mrs. Sherry Juanther from Holland married to Dr. Frank Juanther a Kenyan who worked with a Saudi Arabian oilcompany in Asia. But before his death during tsunami disaster, we were married but without Children and after his death i fell sick and the doctor diagnosed that i have  cancer of the lungs  and that i have only but a few months to live.


I am contacting you in view of the fact that we could be of great assistance to each other, likewise developing a cordial business relationship towards helping the poor.


I want to re-profile the total sum of Nine Million-five Hundred United States dollars ($9,500,000.00 USD) to establish a charity foundation on my name to keep memories alive. i need someone that is trustworthy that can help in establishing  my dream.If  you are capable and trustworthy, I’m ready to give you 10% of the total sum, On your response. 
God Bless,

Mrs. Sherry Juanther
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