[php-maint] Very strange behaviour in php 5.2.10

Uwe Steinmann uwe at steinmann.cx
Thu Aug 13 11:58:42 UTC 2009


I recently noticed a problem after updating from php 5.2.9 to 5.2.10
on my powerpc box running sid. To me the problem was so strange,
that I hardly believe this is a pure php problem.

1. I frequently build pear packages with '/usr/bin/pear package'. Some
   day, probably after updating to 5.2.10, the package.xml file within
	 the created package was empty.
2. Some time later another obscure error appeared.
   /usr/bin/php5 -r "echo date('Y');" returned '0000' instead of '2009'.

So, today I downgraded to 5.2.9 and all of it is fixed. Especially the
second problem looks like something, many should have experienced, but
I can see any error reports.

Unless there is an obvious explaination for it, because I missed something,
I will file a bug report.


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