[php-maint] Thoughts about PHP 5.3

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Aug 26 10:53:01 UTC 2009

hi guys,

as stated before i personally don't have much problem with 5.3, though
ultimately i'm somewhat ambivalent.  in terms of supporting an oldstable
and stable both at 5.2.x i think it will be slightly less work but really
the biggest work in support is finding the fixes in the first place and
backporting between releases has always been a secondary cost.  now that
upstream has moved to svn and integrated it (somewhat) with their tracker
i think this is a bit less of an issue.

however, if we don't plan on uploading 5.3 to unstable we should definitely
throw an updated version at experimental, as i htink the state of affairs with
php5 in testing/unstable/experimental is pretty bad (there are show stopping
crash bugs in each).

perhaps someone can email upstream to ask how long they're planning on
supporting the 5.2.x release series?  i'm sure if you ask "which version
should we use" they will say 5.3, so words should be chosen carefully
to get the right question answered :)

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