[php-maint] Compiled-in PDO support for abache2-build? Remove the shared pdo.so or supress?

dreamcat four dreamcat4 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 22:43:06 UTC 2009

According to: http://us.php.net/manual/en/pdo.installation.php

The pdo.so and flag --with-pdo=shared is not recommended anymore since 5.1.X

It would be nice to have it removed from the apache2-build target,
replacing with the default compiled-in. I'm hoping that its just a
legacy and can be done away with. Having a pdo.so conflicts somewhat
with other php variants and the way to load extensions because
--with-config-scan-dir flag finds pdo.ini extension for every
installed php. The effect of that conflict is a warning which may be
somewhat confusion for the user (although its not any harm and
execution proceeds normally afterward).

PHP Warning:  Module 'PDO' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

1. Is removing the shared PDO from apache2-module / php5-common the
correct way to fix?

2. For example another way might be to have a little patch to supress
just this particular warning message.

3. For better alternative I did also ask on 'php-install' mailing-list
for multiple '--with-config-scan-dir' option. A second .ini search
folder would make it possible seperate away the pdo.ini. (and make
conditional on the php variant built). However such proposition was
made on two previous occasions and nobody ever responded it.

4. Solve this issue and we're finished the new php5-fpm candidate. Can
be available soon.

Best regards,

dreamcat4 at gmail.com

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