[php-maint] Bug#321237: Please document shortcoming in bundle

B Wooster bwooster47 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 12:49:57 UTC 2009

This is a serious problem - very hard to figure out as as google
search shows (some people still deluded that php-gd fixes this gd

While the religious arguments are debatable, in the end, users are
left with diminished functionality and nowhere does the PHP-GD package
description mention that it is incomplete and will not work like other
php installs on other distributions.

Can someone please do at least two of these things:
1) document that php-gd is missing a large number of functions PHP
users might need
2) would be really great if a php-gd-alternate (or call it unsecure if
you wish) was built (or a php-with-gd-alternate) was available, so
users could decide if they want to pick the debian-blessed version, or
another version. Is there some other debian packager already doing
this, by any chance? That would be great.

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