[php-maint] pre-approval of new upload of php5:(was: [RFC] Gentoo patches)

Raphael Geissert atomo64+debian at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 19:37:13 UTC 2009

2009/1/13 sean finney <seanius at debian.org>:
> hi thijs,
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 11:33:38AM +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
>> On Tue, January 13, 2009 07:42, sean finney wrote:
>> >> Completely offtopic: what about moving to git?

Now I regret to have mentioned that, I was actually expecting a
comment of the rest of my mail.

>> >>
>> >
>> > i'm completely for it, fwiw.
>> I won't be blocking this but I'm a bit skeptical. Every year there seems
>> to be a new revision control system trend that we need to convert
>> everything to. Arch, Bazaar, Git, what will we be converting to new next
>> year?
>> Meanwhile I have not encountered any serious problem with operating
>> on the pkg-php repository as-is so I'm not sure what the goal is.

Improve, make or lives easier.

> my main issue with subversion is that merging is intolerable.  the majority of

I agree, and

> the work i've been doing in php lately has been backporting and merging changes
> to lenny/etch versions, which is incredibly time consuming and error-prone
> with svn.  i'd even go so far as to say that it's been a demotivating factor
> for working on the phpN packages.

I agree with this as well; the same happens to all my other
svn-maintained packages, only those where I use no VCS (although am
about to put them in git repositories) or where I use git receive more
attention because its easier, because I don't have to mess around the
VCS, because the VCS does work as a tool, and not as a blocker.

> other stuff off the top of my head:
> - importing new patches in the ./debian-only svn repo is a PITA

I hope that by that you don't mean you prefer to store patches
directly in the .diff.gz

> - reviewing activity in svn is difficult (i.e. global log)
> - it's slooooow
> - full offline access to the repo with git

Other reasons:
* dealing with branches in svn is really a PITA, rarely use them because of that
* svn is completely centralized

> but i digress.
>> One thing that annoys me with git is that I get sent (e.g. in the security
>> team) git-bundles or links to repositories that just plain crash when
>> unpacking on stable. Git seems to work when everyone works with the latest
>> sid tools, but if you don't...?

I have once suffered from those changes in git as well; it can be
alleviated by using backports (either from backports.o or home made).

> personally i've very rarely needed to build packages with git/etc from
> anything other than sid (i use chroots and git-buildpackage for etch/lenny/etc).
> in an ideal world for me, the non-phpN packages (i.e. pear stuff) could
> stay in svn if their maintainers desired so, and then we could have a
> read-only git-svn mirror to replace the php5 trunk/tags/branches.


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