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MR.MICHAEL CENA mrmichaeli05 at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 22 04:35:02 UTC 2009

U.S. Department of the Treasury....Your Funds
Office of Foreign Assets Lodgings of
U.S. Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, DC 20220

Hello, I am writing to inform you that today at the Foreign Assets 
Treasury Lodgings of U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington, DC we 
received and acknowledged your inheritance funds via cash consignment 
box from United Nations (UN)Association of London, United Kingdom 
Liaison Office valued at $10.5MillionDollars. 

I deem necessary to inform you that the retrieving of your inheritance 
was witnessed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the 
Interpol envoys deployed to London by United States Department of the 
Treasury to monitor the proceedings confirmed it to be a fair judgment 
by the Bureau and the Interpol as the outcome of the event was a 
perfect solution to curtail the activities of con artist and scam 
generally and is also a perfect end to your payment.  Your Beneficiary 
Funds that was allotted into cash consignment baggage is now been 
deposited in our pecuniary vault the Foreign Assets Treasury Lodgings 
of U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington, DC.

The proceed of these event was successful because the United Kingdom 
Prime Minister Gordon Brown, dedicated his time to guarantee success 
to it due to his fight to eradicate deception, corruptions and 
terrorism's that has deeply rooted in government and the people and it 
was also an achievement for him to meet the deadline given at theG8 
Summit in Tokyo to clear outstanding Beneficiary debts and Lottery 
Wining Debts. Hence you have to contact my office for further 
clarifications to this matter with below e-mail address:

Office of Foreign Deputy Financial Officer U. S. 
Department of the Treasury Washington, DC,
Head of Consignment Lodgings:
Private E-mail: mr-michaelcenal at 8u8.com

Before we commence any further on issues concerning your consignment 
you are to reconfirm your banking address and also reconfirm your 
residential address as stated below. Only Fill The Bank Address If You 
Want To Receive the Consignment Boxes at your Bank.

Full Name:

Residence Address:

Bank Address: { Not Necessary }

Current Occupation:

Cell Phone Number:

Contact Telephone Numbers:


Any Form of Prove of Identification:

Current Age:

At the receipt of the above information we will not hesitate to open 
communication with you given you vital information for easy 
communication between you and the U.S. Treasury. Also get back to me 
immediately With The private e-mail { mr-michaelcenal at 8u8.com }.

Thank you very much

Fax: + 1 941-257-6946

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