[php-maint] RFS: php-ezcomponents

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Tue Jul 28 15:47:29 UTC 2009

Hi Ondrej,

> > Yes, upstream and me really like to have each component in an individual
> > binary package. Upstream puts big efforts into makeing each component
> > independent and usable as standalone.
> They're not - some of components have dependencies on another
> components (*/DEPS)
There are few components with direct dependencies, like PersistentObject on 
Database. In rest there are so called TieIn components, that provide the 
functionality of one component for another. For example The 
AuthenticationDatabaseTieIn provides storage of user credentials in the 

> > This also allows you to update each component separately
> No, it doesn't since they all have 2009.1.1 version.
As soon as php-ezcomponents is in Debian, I'll match the dependencies defined 
in the release-info.xml to the individual releases.

> > and install only the needed components on production machines.
> How big is each component - tiny. I am not convinced it's worth
> splitting them into separate packages. This will clutter packages list
> etc.,etc.
> And in the end the most common scenario would be to install
> php-ez...-all, because user will be tired for searching his bit of
> code among all those packages.
If you do it one way or the other, there will be users complaining. If I 
package everything in one package, then there are people naging: "I don't like 
to install all this eZComponents things, if I only want the template engine"

You can see this kind of discussions often with javascript frameworks. People 
complained, that YUI is too big, but in fact you only ever load a small subset 
for each request.

I also think it's nicer to have only the code you need on the machine. You 
don't need to bother about security issues in code you don't have installed.

Finaly I think that people indeed use individual components instead of 
ezcomponents-all. Since it's a library, it will come to your machine most time 
in form of dependencies. So the package maintainer using ezcomponents can 
pick, what he actually needs for his package.

Hope you still have patience with me,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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