[php-maint] etch->lenny upgrade changes (breaks) php fileinfo behavior

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Sun Jun 28 17:57:08 UTC 2009

hi andrew,

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 09:52:15PM +1200, Andrew Mitchell wrote:
> > there's a surplus of demand and a shortage of manpower when it comes to
> > maintaining the php family of stuff, unfortunately.  you're more than
> > welcome to join up and help out with something you think is missing or
> > should be fixed, if you like :)
> Sounds like a plan. I've been recently touching the php5 packages in Ubuntu, 
> mostly merging in the changes you've uploaded to sid. At the moment there's 
> only 1 patch that should go into the BTS, which is adding sybase aliases to 
> the mysql extension.
> I'd like to help out with the packages in Debian, if you have a TODO list 
> or some areas I can lend a hand

i don't think we have a solid TODO list anywhere, so i guess having a TODO
list would be a good first item on a hypothetical TODO list :)  but yes,
any and all effort is welcomed.

some stuff i can think of off the top of my head:

* triaging the mess in our BTS
* php5.3 -> experimental (i'm on this, almost done)
* patch review
* the new extensions manager
* enabling support for dpkg triggers to reload apache

i'm assuming you're not so interested in helping us do our own housecleaning,
which i can't blame you for.  i think the 5.3 stuff is under control, though
if you're interested in prepping the same packages for some ubuntu releases
there might be some chance for cooperation there.  the extensions manager
work has been in some kind of limbo state and i don't remember what the status
is but you could consult with the debian wiki and raphael about that.  

i think it's been a while (i.e. it's never been done) since the last time
we did an audit of our patches against upstream, it'd be nice to be able
to go through the list of patches and figure out what ought to be forwarded
to upstream, what ought to be kept local, adding comments / tagging, etc.

the triggers support could be something that would be both helpful for
us as well as ubuntu, though i guess it's not really taking one off the
list as i don't think we even have a dedicated bug open for this.  there's
a few "php5-foo" should reload apache bugs that would be solved by this

anyone else have some ideas?

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