[php-maint] Bug#519267: ITP: phpdocumentor -- automatic documenting of any PHP API directly from the source.

Mark A. Hershberger mah at everybody.org
Wed Mar 11 13:51:04 UTC 2009

Package: wnpp
Owner: Mark A. Hershberger <mah at everybody.org>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : phpdocumentor
  Version         : 1.4.2
  Upstream Author : Joshua Eichorn, Greg Beaver, Chuck Burgess, Andrew Morton
* URL or Web page : http://phpdoc.org/
* License         : LGPL 2.1
  Description     : automatic documenting of any PHP API directly from the source.

Features (short list):
- output in HTML, PDF (directly), CHM (with windows help compiler), XML DocBook
- very fast
- web and command-line interface
- fully customizable output with Smarty-based templates
- recognizes JavaDoc-style documentation with special tags customized for PHP 4
- automatic linking, class inheritance diagrams and intelligent override
- customizable source code highlighting, with phpxref-style cross-referencing
- parses standard README/CHANGELOG/INSTALL/FAQ files and includes them
  directly in documentation
- generates a todo list from @todo tags in source
- generates multiple documentation sets based on @access private, @internal and
  {@internal} tags
- example php files can be placed directly in documentation with highlighting
  and phpxref linking using the @example tag
- linking between external manual and API documentation is possible at the
  sub-section level in all output formats
- easily extended for specific documentation needs with Converter
- full documentation of every feature, manual can be generated directly from
  the source code with "phpdoc -c makedocs" in any format desired.
- current manual always available at http://www.phpdoc.org/manual.php
- user .ini files can be used to control output, multiple outputs can be
  generated at once

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