[php-maint] upload of 5.2.9

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Thu Mar 26 06:55:28 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 09:37:56AM -0400, Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
> So, yesterday I used git-import-dscs to import all the tagged releases
> in the php5 repository.  I had to dig up some old orig.tar.gz
> (http://museum.php.net/ is your friend) and rebuild the sarge .dsc
> files, but I did end up getting all the php5 releases into a git repo.
> http://mah.everybody.org/php.git

nice, i tried the same approach earlier while following the current svn->git
discusion on -devel.  i was overall very impressed with the process, though
i only used the 4-5 versions available in the main repo.

i cloned your repo and took a peek at the history via gitk and it seems
like it ought to.  i heard on -devel that there were problems with
merges being done properly in git-import-dscs, but afaict it looks okay
to me in this case.

> If there is interest, I can repeat the process to include the php4
> releases.

i'm kinda ambivalent about php4, mostly because i'd rather not have to
think about/touch it :) but i guess if it's not a great deal of work it'd
be nice to have.  it might also affect the branch naming that we choose,
since there was a time when we supported both in unstable simultaneously.

> Initially, I tried using git-svnimport, and, while that worked to a
> certain extent, git-import-dscs was a better tool for getting a
> git-buildpackage-ready repo.

i came to the same conclusion, based on the ongoing conversations on -devel.
if my git-fu were stronger and i were more comfortable with filter-branch
i might feel different, but the tradeoff between work required and speed to
result is so huge...

> git-buildpackage looks a little more finicky about the “clean” target
> than svn-buildpackage was (understandable), so I'm going to work at
> cleaning it up.

yeah, and out build process is admittedly a little sloppy. 

> I'll also re-do the work I thought I had already done on 5.3.0 today.


i have two requests before we "go live" with this repo and clone/push it
to an official location:

- i'd like to rename s/master/debian-sid/ and s/upstream/upstream-sid/ in
  the history, since it seems this history only includes the uploads
  that have gone through unstable.  if we end up having both php4 and php5
  in the repo, i guess it should be debian-php5-sid (or php5-debian-sid,
  though that requires bashing tab a couple more times in zsh).
- i'd like to import the versions of php5 from stable-security and 
  oldstable-securityby selecting the approprate tags as branchpoints
  and importing the .dscs onto {debian,upstream}-{sarge,etch}.  i forget
  if we also have anything in -proposed-updates but if we do we could always
  add it later.

also, we should probably double-check the import for a couple randomly selected
versions, perhaps just comparing contents in the upstream branch to the tarball
and ensuring that the diff between the debian<->upstream looks as it should
via diffstat.

great work!


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