[php-maint] upload of 5.2.9

Ondřej Surý ondrej at debian.org
Fri Mar 27 15:15:48 UTC 2009

>> If there is interest, I can repeat the process to include the php4
>> releases.
> i'm kinda ambivalent about php4, mostly because i'd rather not have to
> think about/touch it :) but i guess if it's not a great deal of work it'd
> be nice to have.  it might also affect the branch naming that we choose,
> since there was a time when we supported both in unstable simultaneously.

php4 is part of oldstable now which is not going to be here for a long
time. Let's not do the work which is not necessary. I think that keeping
old SVN repo should be enough...  don't you think?

>  if we end up having both php4 and php5
>  in the repo, i guess it should be debian-php5-sid (or php5-debian-sid,

Is there any advantage of merging php4 and php5 into same git repository?
I really don't see any.

Ondřej Surý <ondrej at sury.org>

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