[php-maint] reason for libmysqlclient_r / causes segfaults

Moritz Möller m.moeller at bigpoint.net
Wed Nov 4 15:51:27 UTC 2009


what's the reason for patching php to use libmysqlclient_r in force_libmysqlclient_r.patch?

php5-cli 5.2.11-1 linked to libmysqlclient16_r causes occasional segfaults.

This stops if I compile php without the force_libmysqlclient_r patch.

Backtraces + dpkg -l attached, coredumps also available if needed.

Thanks a lot,


(gdb) bt full
#0  0x00002aaaaad041af in ?? () from /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x00002aaaaad04afb in ?? () from /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
No symbol table info available.
#2  0x00002aaaaad04c03 in _Unwind_ForcedUnwind () from /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
No symbol table info available.
#3  0x00002aba3ea9f050 in __pthread_unwind () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
No symbol table info available.
#4  0x00002aba3ea99585 in pthread_exit () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
No symbol table info available.
#5  0x00002aba494b16db in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#6  0x0000000040633950 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#7  0x00002aba3ea98fc7 in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
No symbol table info available.
#8  0x00002aba3e4725ad in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6
No symbol table info available.
#9  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.

(gdb) info threads
  2 process 1254  0x00002aba3e418a3a in free () from /lib/libc.so.6
* 1 process 1288  0x00002aaaaad041af in ?? () from /lib/libgcc_s.so.1


(gdb) bt full
#0  0x00002aba839c56d0 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x00002aba78facfc7 in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
No symbol table info available.
#2  0x00002aba789865ad in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6
No symbol table info available.
#3  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
(gdb) info threads
  2 process 21796  0x00002aba7892c340 in _int_free () from /lib/libc.so.6
* 1 process 21846  0x00002aba839c56d0 in ?? ()

dpkg -l

ii  3ware-cli-binary                              9.7                                           Command Line Interface for 3Ware Controllers
ii  acl                                           2.2.47-2                                      Access control list utilities
ii  acpid                                         1.0.8-1lenny1                                 Utilities for using ACPI power management
ii  adduser                                       3.110                                         add and remove users and groups
ii  apache2                                       2.2.14-1                                      Apache HTTP Server metapackage
ii  apache2-dbg                                   2.2.14-1                                      Apache debugging symbols
ii  apache2-mpm-prefork                           2.2.14-1                                      Apache HTTP Server - traditional non-threaded model
ii  apache2-utils                                 2.2.14-1                                      utility programs for webservers
ii  apache2.2-bin                                 2.2.14-1                                      Apache HTTP Server common binary files
ii  apache2.2-common                              2.2.14-1                                      Apache HTTP Server common files
ii  apt                                                                Advanced front-end for dpkg
ii  apt-utils                                                          APT utility programs
ii  aptitude                                                        terminal-based package manager
ii  arping                                        2.07~pre1-2                                   sends IP and/or ARP pings (to the MAC address)
ii  at                                                                        Delayed job execution and batch processing
ii  autofs5                                       5.0.3-3                                       kernel-based automounter for Linux, version 5
ii  base-files                                    5lenny4                                       Debian base system miscellaneous files
ii  base-passwd                                   3.5.20                                        Debian base system master password and group files
ii  bash                                          3.2-4                                         The GNU Bourne Again SHell
ii  bash-completion                               20080705                                      programmable completion for the bash shell
ii  bc                                            1.06.94-3                                     The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
ii  bind9-host                                    1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X
ii  binutils                                      2.18.1~cvs20080103-7                          The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
ii  bp-apache                                     1.38                                          [BIGPOINT] apache/php package
ii  bp-base                                       1.182                                         [BIGPOINT] base meta package
ii  bridge-utils                                  1.4-5                                         Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
ii  bsd-mailx                                     8.1.2-0.20071201cvs-3                         A simple mail user agent
ii  bsdmainutils                                  6.1.10                                        collection of more utilities from FreeBSD
ii  bsdutils                                      1:                                  Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
ii  build-essential                               11.4                                          Informational list of build-essential packages
ii  busybox                                       1:1.10.2-2                                    Tiny utilities for small and embedded systems
ii  bzip2                                         1.0.5-1                                       high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
ii  ca-certificates                               20080809                                      Common CA certificates
ii  cfg-apache                                    1.208                                         [BIGPOINT] apache configuration
ii  cfg-apache-cluster                            1.44                                          [BIGPOINT] apache configuration for cluster
ii  cfg-apt                                       1.79                                          [BIGPOINT] apt configuration
ii  cfg-backup                                    1.49                                          [BIGPOINT] backup library and file backup
ii  cfg-base                                      1.191                                         [BIGPOINT] base configuration
ii  cfg-certs                                     1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] certificate configuration
ii  cfg-exim                                      1.10                                          [BIGPOINT] exim configuration
ii  cfg-gpg                                       1.33                                          [BIGPOINT] gpg configuration
ii  cfg-inventory                                 1.8                                           [BIGPOINT] server inventory script
ii  cfg-ipmi                                      1.25                                          [BIGPOINT] ipmi configuration
ii  cfg-java                                      1.8                                           [BIGPOINT] java configuration
ii  cfg-krb                                       1.151                                         [BIGPOINT] kerberos configuration
ii  cfg-locale                                    1.6                                           [BIGPOINT] locale configuration
ii  cfg-logrotate                                 1.13                                          [BIGPOINT] logrotate configuration
ii  cfg-monitoring                                1.205                                         [BIGPOINT] monitoring configuration
ii  cfg-netfile                                   1.50                                          [BIGPOINT] network file system configuration (nfs, cifs, mofs)
ii  cfg-network                                   1.106                                         [BIGPOINT] network configuration
ii  cfg-nscd                                      1.20                                          [BIGPOINT] nscd configuration, nameserver caching
ii  cfg-ntp                                       1.54                                          [BIGPOINT] ntp configuration
ii  cfg-pam                                       1.4                                           [BIGPOINT] pam configuration
ii  cfg-permissions                               1.17                                          [BIGPOINT] permission tools
ii  cfg-php                                       1.95                                          [BIGPOINT] php cli configuration
ii  cfg-raid                                      1.34                                          [BIGPOINT] raid configuration
ii  cfg-rngd                                      1.5                                           [BIGPOINT] rngd configuration, creates entropy
ii  cfg-snmp                                      1.6                                           [BIGPOINT] snmpd configuration
ii  cfg-ssh                                       1.16                                          [BIGPOINT] ssh configuration
ii  cfg-ssl                                       1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] ssl configuration
ii  cfg-sudo                                      1.17                                          [BIGPOINT] sudo configuration
ii  cfg-svn                                       1.7                                           [BIGPOINT] subversion configuration
ii  cfg-syslog                                    1.20                                          [BIGPOINT] syslog configuration
ii  cfg-sysstat                                   1.9                                           [BIGPOINT] sysstat configuration
ii  cfg-users                                     1.72                                          [BIGPOINT] users/ssh/groups configuration
ii  conffiles                                     1.13                                          [BIGPOINT] tools for managing config files
ii  console-common                                0.7.80                                        basic infrastructure for text console configuration
ii  console-data                                  2:1.07-11                                     keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback tables for console-tools
ii  console-tools                                 1:0.2.3dbs-65.1                               Linux console and font utilities
ii  coreutils                                     6.10-6                                        The GNU core utilities
ii  cpio                                          2.9-13                                        GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
ii  cpp                                           4:4.3.2-2                                     The GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
ii  cpp-4.3                                       4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU C preprocessor
ii  cron                                          3.0pl1-105                                    management of regular background processing
ii  curl                                          7.18.2-8lenny3                                Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server
ii  datadist                                      1.49                                          [BIGPOINT] data distribution service
ii  davc                                          1.8                                           [BIGPOINT] DAV client
ii  dc                                            1.06.94-3                                     The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator
ii  debconf                                       1.5.24                                        Debian configuration management system
ii  debconf-i18n                                  1.5.24                                        full internationalization support for debconf
ii  debian-archive-keyring                        2009.01.31                                    GnuPG archive keys of the Debian archive
ii  debian-faq                                    4.0.4                                         The Debian FAQ
ii  debianutils                                   2.30                                          Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
ii  deborphan                                     1.7.27                                        program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries
ii  defoma                                        0.11.10-0.2                                   Debian Font Manager -- automatic font configuration framework
ii  dialog                                        1.1-20080316-1                                Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
ii  dictionaries-common                           0.98.12                                       Common utilities for spelling dictionary tools
ii  diff                                          2.8.1-12                                      File comparison utilities
ii  djvulibre-desktop                             3.5.20-8+lenny1                               Desktop support for the DjVu image format
ii  dmidecode                                     2.9-1                                         Dump Desktop Management Interface data
ii  dnsutils                                      1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             Clients provided with BIND
ii  doc-debian                                    4.0.1                                         Debian Project documentation and other documents
ii  doc-linux-text                                2008.08-1                                     Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in ASCII format
ii  dos2unix                                      1.4                                           [BIGPOINT] convert line endings from dos to unix
ii  dpkg                                          1.14.25                                       Debian package management system
ii  dpkg-dev                                      1.14.25                                       Debian package development tools
ii  dstat                                         0.6.7-1                                       versatile resource statistics tool
ii  e2fslibs                                      1.41.3-1                                      ext2 filesystem libraries
ii  e2fsprogs                                     1.41.3-1                                      ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
ii  ed                                            0.7-3                                         The classic unix line editor
ii  ethtool                                       6+20080913-1                                  display or change Ethernet device settings
ii  exim4                                         4.69-9                                        metapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation
ii  exim4-base                                    4.69-9                                        support files for all Exim MTA (v4) packages
ii  exim4-config                                  4.69-9                                        configuration for the Exim MTA (v4)
ii  exim4-daemon-light                            4.69-9                                        lightweight Exim MTA (v4) daemon
ii  expect                                        5.43.0-17                                     A program that can automate interactive applications
ii  fake                                          1.1.10-1                                      IP address takeover tool
ii  file                                          4.26-1                                        Determines file type using "magic" numbers
ii  findutils                                     4.4.0-2                                       utilities for finding files--find, xargs
ii  firmware-bnx2                                 0.14+lenny2                                   Binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtremeII
ii  fontconfig                                    2.6.0-3                                       generic font configuration library - support binaries
ii  fontconfig-config                             2.6.0-3                                       generic font configuration library - configuration
ii  ftp                                           0.17-18                                       The FTP client
ii  fuse-utils                                    2.7.4-1.1                                     Filesystem in USErspace (utilities)
ii  g++                                           4:4.3.2-2                                     The GNU C++ compiler
ii  g++-4.3                                       4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU C++ compiler
ii  gcc                                           4:4.3.2-2                                     The GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-4.2-base                                  4.2.4-6                                       The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  gcc-4.3                                       4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-4.3-base                                  4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  gdb                                           6.8-3                                         The GNU Debugger
ii  gettext-base                                  0.17-4                                        GNU Internationalization utilities for the base system
ii  ghostscript                                   8.62.dfsg.1-3.2lenny1                         The GPL Ghostscript PostScript/PDF interpreter
ii  globaldata                                    1.33                                          [BIGPOINT] globaldata distribution
ii  gnupg                                         1.4.9-3+lenny1                                GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
ii  gpgv                                          1.4.9-3+lenny1                                GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
ii  grep                                          2.5.4-4                                       GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
ii  groff-base                                                             GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
ii  grub                                          0.97-47lenny2                                 GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version)
ii  grub-common                                   1.96+20080724-16                              GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (common files)
ii  gs-common                                     8.62.dfsg.1-3.2lenny1                         Dummy package depending on ghostscript
ii  gsfonts                                       1:8.11+urwcyr1.0.7~pre44-3                    Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
ii  gzip                                          1.3.12-6                                      The GNU compression utility
ii  hdparm                                        8.9-3                                         tune hard disk parameters for high performance
ii  hicolor-icon-theme                            0.10-1                                        default fallback theme for FreeDesktop.org icon themes
ii  hostname                                      2.95                                          utility to set/show the host name or domain name
ii  htmldoc                                       1.8.27-3                                      HTML processor that generates indexed HTML, PS, and PDF
ii  htmldoc-common                                1.8.27-3                                      Common arch-independent files for htmldoc
ii  htop                                          0.7-1                                         interactive processes viewer
ii  iamerican                                                             An American English dictionary for ispell
ii  ibritish                                                              A British English dictionary for ispell
ii  ifenslave                                     2                                             Attach and detach slave interfaces to a bonding device
ii  ifenslave-2.6                                 1.1.0-10                                      Attach and detach slave interfaces to a bonding device
ii  iftop                                         0.17-8                                        displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface
ii  ifupdown                                      0.6.8+nmu1                                    high level tools to configure network interfaces
ii  imagemagick                                   7:                      image manipulation programs
ii  info                                          4.11.dfsg.1-4                                 Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
ii  initramfs-tools                               0.92o                                         tools for generating an initramfs
ii  initscripts                                   2.86.ds1-61                                   Scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
ii  ipcalc                                        0.41-1                                        parameter calculator for IPv4 addresses
ii  ipmitool                                      1.8.9-2                                       utility for IPMI control with kernel driver or LAN interface
ii  iproute                                       20080725-2                                    networking and traffic control tools
ii  iptables                                      1.4.2-6                                       administration tools for packet filtering and NAT
ii  iputils-ping                                  3:20071127-1                                  Tools to test the reachability of network hosts
ii  iputils-tracepath                             3:20071127-1                                  Tools to trace the network path to a remote host
ii  ispell                                                                International Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector)
ii  iwatch                                        0.2.1-3                                       realtime filesystem monitoring program using inotify
ii  joe                                           3.5-2                                         user friendly full screen text editor
ii  killtree                                      1.4                                           [BIGPOINT] kill process trees
ii  klibc-utils                                   1.5.12-2                                      small utilities built with klibc for early boot
ii  krb5-clients                                  1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny1                      Secure replacements for ftp, telnet and rsh using MIT Kerberos
ii  krb5-config                                   1.22                                          Configuration files for Kerberos Version 5
ii  krb5-user                                     1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny1                      Basic programs to authenticate using MIT Kerberos
ii  laptop-detect                                 0.13.6                                        attempt to detect a laptop
ii  less                                          418-1                                         Pager program similar to more
ii  lftp                                          3.7.3-1                                       Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client programs
ii  libacl1                                       2.2.47-2                                      Access control list shared library
ii  libapache2-mod-auth-kerb                      5.3-5                                         apache2 module for Kerberos authentication
ii  libapache2-mod-auth-nodomain                  1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] module that removes domain suffix from authenticated username
ii  libapache2-mod-checkload                      1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] module that denies requests if system load is too high
ii  libapache2-mod-cv                             1.10                                          [BIGPOINT] module for checking __cv parameter with local version and sending no-cache if different
ii  libapache2-mod-logcpu                         1.13                                          [BIGPOINT] provide %c LogFormat for cpu rusage logging
ii  libapache2-mod-php5                           5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module)
ii  libapache2-mod-xlb                            1.7                                           [BIGPOINT] module for transferring remote ip from lb
ii  libapr1                                       1.3.8-1                                       The Apache Portable Runtime Library
ii  libapr1-dbg                                   1.3.8-1                                       The Apache Portable Runtime Library - Debugging Symbols
ii  libaprutil1                                   1.3.9+dfsg-2                                  The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
ii  libaprutil1-dbd-mysql                         1.3.9+dfsg-2                                  The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library - MySQL Driver
ii  libaprutil1-dbg                               1.3.9+dfsg-2                                  The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library - Debugging Symbols
ii  libaprutil1-ldap                              1.3.9+dfsg-2                                  The Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library - LDAP Driver
ii  libasound2                                    1.0.16-2                                      ALSA library
ii  libatk1.0-0                                   1.22.0-1                                      The ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libatk1.0-data                                1.22.0-1                                      Common files for the ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libattr1                                      1:2.4.43-2                                    Extended attribute shared library
ii  libbind9-40                                   1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             BIND9 Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libblkid1                                     1.41.3-1                                      block device id library
ii  libbz2-1.0                                    1.0.5-1                                       high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - runtime
ii  libc-client2007b                              7:2007b~dfsg-4+lenny3                         c-client library for mail protocols - library files
ii  libc6                                         2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libc6-dbg                                     2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: Libraries with debugging symbols
ii  libc6-dev                                     2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
ii  libcairo2                                     1.6.4-7                                       The Cairo 2D vector graphics library
ii  libcap1                                       1:1.10-14                                     support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabilities
ii  libcap2                                       2.11-2                                        support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabilities
ii  libcomerr2                                    1.41.3-1                                      common error description library
ii  libcompress-raw-zlib-perl                     2.012-1lenny1                                 low-level interface to zlib compression library
ii  libcompress-zlib-perl                         2.012-1                                       Perl module for creation and manipulation of gzip files
ii  libconsole                                    1:0.2.3dbs-65.1                               Shared libraries for Linux console and font manipulation
ii  libcroco3                                     0.6.1-2                                       a generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
ii  libcups2                                      1.3.8-1+lenny6                                Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs
ii  libcupsimage2                                 1.3.8-1+lenny6                                Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - image libs
ii  libcurl3                                      7.18.2-8lenny3                                Multi-protocol file transfer library (OpenSSL)
ii  libcwidget3                                   0.5.12-4                                      high-level terminal interface library for C++ (runtime files)
ii  libdatrie0                                    0.1.3-2                                       Double-array trie library
ii  libdb4.5                                      4.5.20-13                                     Berkeley v4.5 Database Libraries [runtime]
ii  libdb4.6                                      4.6.21-11                                     Berkeley v4.6 Database Libraries [runtime]
ii  libdbd-mysql-perl                             4.007-1                                       A Perl5 database interface to the MySQL database
ii  libdbi-perl                                   1.605-1                                       Perl5 database interface by Tim Bunce
ii  libdevmapper1.02.1                            2:1.02.27-4                                   The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
ii  libdirectfb-1.0-0                             1.0.1-11                                      direct frame buffer graphics - shared libraries
ii  libdjvulibre21                                3.5.20-8+lenny1                               Runtime support for the DjVu image format
ii  libdns45                                      1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             DNS Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libdrm2                                       2.3.1-2                                       Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime
ii  libedit2                                      2.11~20080614-1                               BSD editline and history libraries
ii  libept0                                       0.5.22                                        High-level library for managing Debian package information
ii  libevent-perl                                 1.11-1                                        Generic Perl event loop
ii  libevent1                                     1.3e-3                                        An asynchronous event notification library
ii  libevtlog0                                    0.2.8~1-2                                     Syslog event logger library
ii  libexpat1                                     2.0.1-4                                       XML parsing C library - runtime library
ii  libfltk1.1                                    1.1.9-6                                       Fast Light Toolkit - shared libraries
ii  libfont-afm-perl                              1.20-1                                        Font::AFM - Interface to Adobe Font Metrics files
ii  libfontconfig1                                2.6.0-3                                       generic font configuration library - runtime
ii  libfontenc1                                   1:1.0.4-3                                     X11 font encoding library
ii  libfreetype6                                  2.3.7-2+lenny1                                FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
ii  libfuse2                                      2.7.4-1.1                                     Filesystem in USErspace library
ii  libgc1c2                                      1:6.8-1.1                                     conservative garbage collector for C and C++
ii  libgcc1                                       1:4.3.2-1.1                                   GCC support library
ii  libgcrypt11                                   1.4.1-1                                       LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
ii  libgd2-xpm                                    2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-3                             GD Graphics Library version 2
ii  libgdbm3                                      1.8.3-3                                       GNU dbm database routines (runtime version)
ii  libgl1-mesa-glx                               7.0.3-7                                       A free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX runtime
ii  libglib1.2ldbl                                1.2.10-19                                     The GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-0                                  2.16.6-2                                      The GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-data                               2.16.6-2                                      Common files for GLib library
ii  libgmp3c2                                     2:4.2.2+dfsg-3                                Multiprecision arithmetic library
ii  libgnutls26                                   2.4.2-6+lenny1                                the GNU TLS library - runtime library
ii  libgomp1                                      4.3.2-1.1                                     GCC OpenMP (GOMP) support library
ii  libgpg-error0                                 1.4-2                                         library for common error values and messages in GnuPG components
ii  libgpm2                                       1.20.4-3.1                                    General Purpose Mouse - shared library
ii  libgraphviz4                                  2.20.2-3                                      rich set of graph drawing tools
ii  libgs8                                        8.62.dfsg.1-3.2lenny1                         The Ghostscript PostScript/PDF interpreter Library
ii  libgsf-1-114                                  1.14.8-1lenny2                                Structured File Library - runtime version
ii  libgsf-1-common                               1.14.8-1lenny2                                Structured File Library - common files
ii  libgssglue1                                   0.1-2                                         mechanism-switch gssapi library
ii  libgtk1.2                                     1.2.10-18.1                                   The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
ii  libgtk1.2-common                              1.2.10-18.1                                   Common files for the GTK+ library
ii  libgtk2.0-0                                   2.12.12-1~lenny1                              The GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtk2.0-bin                                 2.12.12-1~lenny1                              The programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtk2.0-common                              2.12.12-1~lenny1                              Common files for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libhtml-format-perl                           2.04-2                                        format HTML syntax trees into text, PostScript or RTF
ii  libhtml-parser-perl                           3.56-1+b1                                     A collection of modules that parse HTML text documents
ii  libhtml-tagset-perl                           3.20-2                                        Data tables pertaining to HTML
ii  libhtml-tree-perl                             3.23-1                                        represent and create HTML syntax trees
ii  libice6                                       2:1.0.4-1                                     X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libidn11                                      1.8+20080606-1                                GNU libidn library, implementation of IETF IDN specifications
ii  libilmbase6                                   1.0.1-2+nmu2                                  several utility libraries from ILM used by OpenEXR
ii  libio-compress-base-perl                      2.012-1                                       Base Class for IO::Compress modules
ii  libio-compress-zlib-perl                      2.012-1                                       Perl interface to zlib
ii  libisc45                                      1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             ISC Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libisccc40                                    1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             Command Channel Library used by BIND
ii  libisccfg40                                   1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             Config File Handling Library used by BIND
ii  libjasper1                                    1.900.1-5.1                                   The JasPer JPEG-2000 runtime library
ii  libjpeg62                                     6b-14                                         The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library
ii  libkadm55                                     1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny1                      MIT Kerberos administration runtime libraries
ii  libkeyutils1                                  1.2-9                                         Linux Key Management Utilities (library)
ii  libklibc                                      1.5.12-2                                      minimal libc subset for use with initramfs
ii  libkrb53                                      1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny1                      MIT Kerberos runtime libraries
ii  liblcms1                                      1.17.dfsg-1+lenny2                            Color management library
ii  libldap-2.4-2                                 2.4.11-1                                      OpenLDAP libraries
ii  liblinux-inotify2-perl                        1:1.1-2.1+b1                                  scalable directory/file change notification
ii  liblocale-gettext-perl                        1.05-4                                        Using libc functions for internationalization in Perl
ii  liblockfile1                                  1.08-3                                        NFS-safe locking library, includes dotlockfile program
ii  libltdl3                                      1.5.26-4                                      A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool
ii  liblwres40                                    1:9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1                             Lightweight Resolver Library used by BIND
ii  libmagic1                                     4.26-1                                        File type determination library using "magic" numbers
ii  libmagick10                                   7:                      image manipulation library
ii  libmail-sendmail-perl                         0.79-5                                        Send email from a perl script
ii  libmailtools-perl                             2.03-1                                        Manipulate email in perl programs
ii  libmcrypt4                                    2.5.7-5                                       De-/Encryption Library
ii  libmhash2                                     0.9.9-1                                       Library for cryptographic hashing and message authentication
ii  libmpfr1ldbl                                  2.3.1.dfsg.1-2                                multiple precision floating-point computation
ii  libmysqlclient15off                           5.0.51a-24+lenny2                             MySQL database client library
ii  libmysqlclient16                              5.1.37-2                                      MySQL database client library
ii  libncurses5                                   5.7+20081213-1                                shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libncursesw5                                  5.7+20081213-1                                shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)
ii  libneon27-gnutls                              0.28.2-6.1                                    An HTTP and WebDAV client library (GnuTLS enabled)
ii  libnet-daemon-perl                            0.38-1.1                                      Perl module for building portable Perl daemons easily.
ii  libnet1                                                                  library for the construction and handling of network packets
ii  libnewt0.52                                   0.52.2-11.3                                   Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode windowing with slang
ii  libnfsidmap2                                  0.20-1                                        An nfs idmapping library
ii  libopenexr6                                   1.6.1-3+lenny3                                runtime files for the OpenEXR image library
ii  libpam-krb5                                   3.11-4                                        PAM module for MIT Kerberos
ii  libpam-modules                                1.0.1-5+lenny1                                Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
ii  libpam-runtime                                1.0.1-5+lenny1                                Runtime support for the PAM library
ii  libpam0g                                      1.0.1-5+lenny1                                Pluggable Authentication Modules library
ii  libpango1.0-0                                 1.20.5-5                                      Layout and rendering of internationalized text
ii  libpango1.0-common                            1.20.5-5                                      Modules and configuration files for the Pango
ii  libpaper-utils                                1.1.23+nmu1                                   library for handling paper characteristics (utilities)
ii  libpaper1                                     1.1.23+nmu1                                   library for handling paper characteristics
ii  libpcap0.8                                    0.9.8-5                                       system interface for user-level packet capture
ii  libpci3                                       1:3.0.0-6                                     Linux PCI Utilities (shared library)
ii  libpcre3                                      7.6-2.1                                       Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime files
ii  libperl5.10                                   5.10.0-19lenny2                               Shared Perl library
ii  libpixman-1-0                                 0.10.0-2                                      pixel-manipulation library for X and cairo
ii  libplrpc-perl                                 0.2017-1.1                                    Perl extensions for writing PlRPC servers and clients
ii  libpng12-0                                    1.2.27-2+lenny2                               PNG library - runtime
ii  libpopt0                                      1.14-4                                        lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libreadline5                                  5.2-3.1                                       GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
ii  librecode0                                    3.6-15                                        Shared library on which recode is based
ii  librpcsecgss3                                 0.18-1                                        allows secure rpc communication using the rpcsec_gss protocol
ii  librsvg2-2                                    2.22.2-2lenny1                                SAX-based renderer library for SVG files (runtime)
ii  libsasl2-2                                    2.1.22.dfsg1-23+lenny1                        Cyrus SASL - authentication abstraction library
ii  libselinux1                                   2.0.65-5                                      SELinux shared libraries
ii  libsensors3                                   1:2.10.7-1                                    library to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
ii  libsensors4                                   1:3.0.2-1+b2                                  library to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
ii  libsepol1                                     2.0.30-2                                      Security Enhanced Linux policy library for changing policy binaries
ii  libserf-0-0                                   0.2.0-1                                       high-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
ii  libsigc++-2.0-0c2a                            2.0.18-2                                      type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - runtime
ii  libslang2                                     2.1.3-3                                       The S-Lang programming library - runtime version
ii  libsm6                                        2:1.0.3-2                                     X11 Session Management library
ii  libsnmp-base                                  5.4.1~dfsg-12                                 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIBs and documentation
ii  libsnmp15                                     5.4.1~dfsg-12                                 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) library
ii  libsqlite3-0                                  3.5.9-6                                       SQLite 3 shared library
ii  libss2                                        1.41.3-1                                      command-line interface parsing library
ii  libssh2-1                                     0.18-1                                        SSH2 client-side library
ii  libssl0.9.8                                   0.9.8g-15+lenny3                              SSL shared libraries
ii  libstdc++6                                    4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU Standard C++ Library v3
ii  libstdc++6-4.3-dev                            4.3.2-1.1                                     The GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
ii  libsvn1                                       1.5.1dfsg1-4                                  Shared libraries used by Subversion
ii  libsys-hostname-long-perl                     1.4-2                                         Figure out the long (fully-qualified) hostname
ii  libsysfs2                                     2.1.0-5                                       interface library to sysfs
ii  libt1-5                                       5.1.2-3                                       Type 1 font rasterizer library - runtime
ii  libtalloc1                                    1.2.0~git20080616-1                           hierarchical pool based memory allocator
ii  libtasn1-3                                    1.4-1                                         Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
ii  libterm-readkey-perl                          2.30-4                                        A perl module for simple terminal control
ii  libtext-charwidth-perl                        0.04-5+b1                                     get display widths of characters on the terminal
ii  libtext-iconv-perl                            1.7-1+b1                                      converts between character sets in Perl
ii  libtext-wrapi18n-perl                         0.06-6                                        internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap
ii  libthai-data                                  0.1.9-4                                       Data files for Thai language support library
ii  libthai0                                      0.1.9-4                                       Thai language support library
ii  libtiff4                                      3.8.2-11                                      Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library
ii  libtimedate-perl                              1.1600-9                                      Time and date functions for Perl
ii  libts-0.0-0                                   1.0-4                                         touch screen library
ii  liburi-perl                                   1.35.dfsg.1-1                                 Manipulates and accesses URI strings
ii  libusb-0.1-4                                  2:0.1.12-13                                   userspace USB programming library
ii  libuuid1                                      1.41.3-1                                      universally unique id library
ii  libvolume-id0                                 0.125-7+lenny3                                libvolume_id shared library
ii  libwbclient0                                  2:3.2.5-4lenny6                               client library for interfacing with winbind service
ii  libwmf0.2-7                                                       Windows metafile conversion library
ii  libwrap0                                      7.6.q-16                                      Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
ii  libwww-perl                                   5.813-1                                       WWW client/server library for Perl (aka LWP)
ii  libx11-6                                      2:1.1.5-2                                     X11 client-side library
ii  libx11-data                                   2:1.1.5-2                                     X11 client-side library
ii  libxapian15                                   1.0.7-4                                       Search engine library
ii  libxau6                                       1:1.0.3-3                                     X11 authorisation library
ii  libxcb-render-util0                           0.2.1+git1-1                                  utility libraries for X C Binding -- render-util
ii  libxcb-render0                                1.1-1.2                                       X C Binding, render extension
ii  libxcb-xlib0                                  1.1-1.2                                       X C Binding, Xlib/XCB interface library
ii  libxcb1                                       1.1-1.2                                       X C Binding
ii  libxcomposite1                                1:0.4.0-3                                     X11 Composite extension library
ii  libxcursor1                                   1:1.1.9-1                                     X cursor management library
ii  libxdamage1                                   1:1.1.1-4                                     X11 damaged region extension library
ii  libxdmcp6                                     1:1.0.2-3                                     X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
ii  libxext6                                      2:1.0.4-1                                     X11 miscellaneous extension library
ii  libxfixes3                                    1:4.0.3-2                                     X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library
ii  libxfont1                                     1:1.3.3-1                                     X11 font rasterisation library
ii  libxft2                                       2.1.12-3                                      FreeType-based font drawing library for X
ii  libxi6                                        2:1.1.4-1                                     X11 Input extension library
ii  libxinerama1                                  2:1.0.3-2                                     X11 Xinerama extension library
ii  libxml-libxml-common-perl                     0.13-6+b1                                     Perl module for common routines & constants for XML::LibXML et al
ii  libxml-libxml-perl                            1.66-1+b1                                     Perl module for using the GNOME libxml2 library
ii  libxml-namespacesupport-perl                  1.09-3                                        Perl module for supporting simple generic namespaces
ii  libxml-parser-perl                            2.36-1.1+b1                                   Perl module for parsing XML files
ii  libxml-sax-expat-perl                         0.40-1                                        Perl module for a SAX2 driver for Expat (XML::Parser)
ii  libxml-sax-perl                               0.16+dfsg-3                                   Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML processors
ii  libxml-simpleobject-libxml-perl               0.53-1                                        Simple oo representation of an XML::LibXML DOM object
ii  libxml2                                       2.6.32.dfsg-5+lenny1                          GNOME XML library
ii  libxp6                                        1:1.0.0.xsf1-2                                X Printing Extension (Xprint) client library
ii  libxpm4                                       1:3.5.7-1                                     X11 pixmap library
ii  libxrandr2                                    2:1.2.3-1                                     X11 RandR extension library
ii  libxrender1                                   1:0.9.4-2                                     X Rendering Extension client library
ii  libxslt1.1                                    1.1.24-2                                      XSLT processing library - runtime library
ii  libxt6                                        1:1.0.5-3                                     X11 toolkit intrinsics library
ii  libxtst6                                      2:1.0.3-1                                     X11 Testing -- Resource extension library
ii  libxxf86vm1                                   1:1.0.2-1                                     X11 XFree86 video mode extension library
ii  links                                         2.1pre37-1.1                                  Web browser running in text mode
ii  linux-image-2.6-amd64                         2.6.30+21                                     Linux 2.6 image on AMD64
ii  linux-image-2.6.30-1-amd64                    2.6.30-3                                      Linux 2.6.30 image on AMD64
ii  linux-image-2.6.30-2-amd64                    2.6.30-8                                      Linux 2.6.30 image on AMD64
ii  linux-libc-dev                                2.6.29-5~bpo50+1                              Linux support headers for userspace development
ii  lldpd                                         0.3-1bp                                       implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
ii  lm-sensors                                    1:3.0.2-1+b2                                  utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
ii  locales                                       2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: National Language (locale) data [support]
ii  locales-all                                   2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: Precompiled locale data
ii  locked                                        1.19                                          [BIGPOINT] locking for cronjobs and ohter commands
ii  lockfile-progs                                0.1.11-0.1                                    Programs for locking and unlocking files and mailboxes
ii  login                                         1:4.1.1-6                                     system login tools
ii  logrotate                                     3.7.1-5                                       Log rotation utility
ii  logtail                                       1.2.69                                        Print log file lines that have not been read (deprecated)
ii  lsb-base                                      3.2-20                                        Linux Standard Base 3.2 init script functionality
ii  lsof                                          4.78.dfsg.1-4                                 List open files
ii  lvm2                                          2.02.39-7                                     The Linux Logical Volume Manager
ii  lynx                                          2.8.7dev9-2.1                                 Text-mode WWW Browser (transitional package)
ii  lynx-cur                                      2.8.7dev9-2.1                                 Text-mode WWW Browser with NLS support (development version)
ii  lzma                                          4.43-14                                       Compression method of 7z format in 7-Zip program
ii  make                                          3.81-5                                        The GNU version of the "make" utility.
ii  makedev                                       2.3.1-88                                      creates device files in /dev
ii  man-db                                        2.5.2-4                                       on-line manual pager
ii  manpages                                      3.05-1                                        Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system
ii  mawk                                          1.3.3-11.1                                    a pattern scanning and text processing language
ii  mc                                            2:4.6.2~git20080311-4                         midnight commander - a powerful file manager
ii  mdadm                                                                    tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)
ii  meminfo                                       1.9                                           [BIGPOINT] show memory usage info
ii  mime-support                                  3.44-1                                        MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
ii  mktemp                                        1.5-9                                         tool for creating temporary files
ii  mlocate                                       0.21.1-1                                      quickly find files on the filesystem based on their name
ii  mlock                                         7:2007b~dfsg-4+lenny3                         mailbox locking program
ii  module-init-tools                             3.4-1                                         tools for managing Linux kernel modules
ii  monitoring                                    1.140                                         [BIGPOINT] monitoring
ii  mount                                                                   Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
ii  mtr                                           0.73-1                                        Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool
ii  mutt                                          1.5.18-6                                      text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading
ii  mysql-client                                  5.0.51a-24+lenny2                             MySQL database client (metapackage depending on the latest version)
ii  mysql-client-5.0                              5.0.51a-24+lenny2                             MySQL database client binaries
ii  mysql-common                                  5.1.37-2                                      MySQL database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql/my.cnf)
ii  nano                                          2.0.7-4                                       free Pico clone with some new features
ii  ncurses-base                                  5.7+20081213-1                                basic terminal type definitions
ii  ncurses-bin                                   5.7+20081213-1                                terminal-related programs and man pages
ii  ncurses-term                                  5.7+20081213-1                                additional terminal type definitions
ii  net-tools                                     1.60-22                                       The NET-3 networking toolkit
ii  netbase                                       4.34                                          Basic TCP/IP networking system
ii  netcat-traditional                            1.10-38                                       TCP/IP swiss army knife
ii  nfs-common                                    1:1.1.2-6lenny1                               NFS support files common to client and server
ii  nmap                                          4.62-1                                        The Network Mapper
ii  nscd                                          2.7-18                                        GNU C Library: Name Service Cache Daemon
ii  ntp                                           1:4.2.4p4+dfsg-8lenny2                        Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs
ii  ntpdate                                       1:4.2.4p4+dfsg-8lenny2                        client for setting system time from NTP servers
ii  openssh-blacklist                             0.4.1                                         list of default blacklisted OpenSSH RSA and DSA keys
ii  openssh-client                                1:5.1p1-5                                     secure shell client, an rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement
ii  openssh-server                                1:5.1p1-5                                     secure shell server, an rshd replacement
ii  openssl                                       0.9.8g-15+lenny3                              Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools
ii  openssl-blacklist                             0.4.2                                         list of blacklisted OpenSSL RSA keys
ii  passwd                                        1:4.1.1-6                                     change and administer password and group data
ii  patch                                         2.5.9-5                                       Apply a diff file to an original
ii  pciutils                                      1:3.0.0-6                                     Linux PCI Utilities
ii  perl                                          5.10.0-19lenny2                               Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
ii  perl-base                                     5.10.0-19lenny2                               minimal Perl system
ii  perl-modules                                  5.10.0-19lenny2                               Core Perl modules
ii  php-eaccelerator                              0.27                                          eAccelerator is a free open-source PHP accelerator,
ii  php-pear                                      5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
ii  php5-cli                                      5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             command-line interpreter for the php5 scripting language
ii  php5-common                                   5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             Common files for packages built from the php5 source
ii  php5-curl                                     5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             CURL module for php5
ii  php5-dbg                                      5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             Debug symbols for PHP5
ii  php5-gd                                       5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             GD module for php5
ii  php5-imap                                     5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             IMAP module for php5
ii  php5-ldap                                     5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             LDAP module for php5
ii  php5-mcrypt                                   5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             MCrypt module for php5
ii  php5-memcache                                 3.1                                           memcache extension module for PHP5
ii  php5-mhash                                    5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             MHASH module for php5
ii  php5-mysql                                    5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             MySQL module for php5
ii  php5-xmlrpc                                   5.2.11.dfsg.1-1+1                             XML-RPC module for php5
ii  portmap                                       6.0-9                                         RPC port mapper
ii  procmail                                      3.22-16                                       Versatile e-mail processor
ii  procps                                        1:3.2.7-11                                    /proc file system utilities
ii  psfontmgr                                     0.11.10-0.2                                   PostScript font manager -- part of Defoma, Debian Font Manager
ii  psmisc                                        22.6-1                                        Utilities that use the proc filesystem
ii  pv                                            1.1.4-1                                       Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through
ii  python                                        2.5.2-3                                       An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)
ii  python-central                                0.6.8                                         register and build utility for Python packages
ii  python-minimal                                2.5.2-3                                       A minimal subset of the Python language (default version)
ii  python2.5                                     2.5.2-15                                      An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.5)
ii  python2.5-minimal                             2.5.2-15                                      A minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.5)
ii  readline-common                               5.2-3.1                                       GNU readline and history libraries, common files
ii  recode                                        3.6-15                                        Character set conversion utility
ii  replace                                       1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] repl(ace) or prepl(ace) (regexp) stuff in files
ii  rng-tools                                     2-unofficial-mt.12-1                          Daemon to use a Hardware TRNG
ii  rsync                                         3.0.3-2                                       fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
ii  samba-common                                  2:3.2.5-4lenny6                               Samba common files used by both the server and the client
ii  screen                                        4.0.3-11+lenny1                               terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
ii  sed                                           4.1.5-6                                       The GNU sed stream editor
ii  sendarpall                                    1.7                                           [BIGPOINT] send arp using send_arp for all IPs
ii  smartmontools                                 5.38-2+lenny1                                 control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.
ii  smbfs                                         2:3.2.5-4lenny6                               mount and umount commands for the smbfs (for kernels >= than 2.2.x)
ii  snmpd                                         5.4.1~dfsg-12                                 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) agents
ii  srvcfg                                        1.140                                         [BIGPOINT] srvcfg tool
ii  ssl-cert                                      1.0.23                                        simple debconf wrapper for OpenSSL
ii  strace                                        4.5.17+cvs080723-2                            A system call tracer
ii  subversion                                    1.5.1dfsg1-4                                  Advanced version control system
ii  sudo                                          1.6.9p17-2                                    Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
ii  sun-j2sdk1.6                                  1.6.0                                         Java(TM) JDK, Standard Edition, Sun Microsystems(TM)
ii  syncbase                                      1.85                                          [BIGPOINT] syncbase
ii  syslog-ng                                     2.0.9-4.1                                     Next generation logging daemon
ii  sysstat                                       8.1.2-2                                       sar, iostat and mpstat - system performance tools for Linux
ii  sysv-rc                                       2.86.ds1-61                                   System-V-like runlevel change mechanism
ii  sysvinit                                      2.86.ds1-61                                   System-V-like init utilities
ii  sysvinit-utils                                2.86.ds1-61                                   System-V-like utilities
ii  tar                                           1.20-1                                        GNU version of the tar archiving utility
ii  tasksel                                       2.78                                          Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems
ii  tasksel-data                                  2.78                                          Official tasks used for installation of Debian systems
ii  tcl8.4                                        8.4.19-2                                      Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - run-time files
ii  tcpd                                          7.6.q-16                                      Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
ii  tcpdump                                       3.9.8-4                                       A powerful tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
ii  tcptraceroute                                 1.5beta7+debian-1                             traceroute implementation using TCP packets
ii  telnet                                        0.17-36                                       The telnet client
ii  time                                          1.7-23                                        The GNU time program for measuring cpu resource usage
ii  timelimit                                     2.12                                          [BIGPOINT] run program with time limit
ii  traceroute                                    2.0.11-2                                      Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 network
ii  trunc                                         1.5                                           [BIGPOINT] truncate a file
ii  ts2date                                       1.1                                           [BIGPOINT] convert unix timestamp to date
ii  ttf-dejavu                                    2.25-3                                        Metapackage to pull in ttf-dejavu-core and ttf-dejavu-extra
ii  ttf-dejavu-core                               2.25-3                                        Vera font family derivate with additional characters
ii  ttf-dejavu-extra                              2.25-3                                        Vera font family derivate with additional characters
ii  tzdata                                        2009l-0lenny1                                 time zone and daylight-saving time data
ii  ucarp                                         1.5-2                                         user-space replacement to VRRP -- automatic IP fail-over
ii  ucf                                           3.0016                                        Update Configuration File: preserve user changes to config files.
ii  udev                                          0.125-7+lenny3                                /dev/ and hotplug management daemon
ii  uniquetime                                    1.3                                           [BIGPOINT] uniquetime script to schedule backup jobs
ii  unzip                                         5.52-12                                       De-archiver for .zip files
ii  update-inetd                                  4.31                                          inetd configuration file updater
ii  updatecrons                                   1.17                                          [BIGPOINT] updatecrons tool
ii  usbutils                                      0.73-10                                       Linux USB utilities
ii  userapps                                      1.17                                          [BIGPOINT] userapps - starts /home/... on boot
ii  util-linux                                                              Miscellaneous system utilities
ii  vim                                           1:7.1.314-3+lenny2                            Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
ii  vim-common                                    1:7.1.314-3+lenny2                            Vi IMproved - Common files
ii  vim-runtime                                   1:7.1.314-3+lenny2                            Vi IMproved - Runtime files
ii  vim-tiny                                      1:7.1.314-3+lenny2                            Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - compact version
ii  vlan                                          1.9-3                                         user mode programs to enable VLANs on your ethernet devices
ii  w3m                                           0.5.2-2+b1                                    WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
ii  wamerican                                     6-2.3                                         American English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
ii  wget                                          1.11.4-2                                      retrieves files from the web
ii  whiptail                                      0.52.2-11.3                                   Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
ii  whoamix                                       1.13                                          [BIGPOINT] whoami also if user does a su
ii  whois                                         4.7.30                                        an intelligent whois client
ii  x-ttcidfont-conf                              31                                            TrueType and CID fonts configuration for X
ii  x11-common                                    1:7.3+20                                      X Window System (X.Org) infrastructure
ii  xfonts-encodings                              1:1.0.2-3                                     Encodings for X.Org fonts
ii  xfonts-utils                                  1:7.4+1                                       X Window System font utility programs
ii  xinetd                                        1:2.3.14-7                                    replacement for inetd with many enhancements
ii  xmlstarlet                                    1.0.1-2                                       command line XML toolkit
ii  xtee                                          1.2                                           [BIGPOINT] plain old tee, reopen file every x minutes for logfile rotation
ii  zip                                           2.32-1                                        Archiver for .zip files
ii  zlib1g                                        1:                             compression library - runtime

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