[php-maint] Bug#549492: Bug#543525: php-cgi segfaults -- me too

Micha Lenk micha at debian.org
Sun Oct 4 14:35:48 UTC 2009

Hi Raphael,

Raphael Geissert wrote:
> On Friday 02 October 2009 03:29:27 Micha Lenk wrote:
>> I'm using php5-cgi on Debian Lenny and observed segfaults too:
>> [637211.377712] php-cgi[24470]: segfault at 7f15d1554ed0 ip 7f15d1554ed0
>> sp 41220128 error 14 in libkeyutils-1.2.so[7f15d5bbb000+2000]
>> [722604.981005] php-cgi[10677]: segfault at 7f6f72bc1ed0 ip 7f6f72bc1ed0
>> sp 40a82128 error 14 in libXdmcp.so.6.0.0[7f6f747bd000+5000]
> a) those segfaults are unrelated to 543525

I'm sorry, my mistake.

> b) the first segfault could be related to the kerberos functions, but I don't 
> see how the second one is related to php5 (not even via php5-gd); are you 
> using any custom or locally built extension?

The installed PHP extensions linking against libkeyutils-1.2.so on my
system are imap.so (package php5-imap 5.2.6.dfsg.1-1+lenny3),
pdo_pgsql.so and pgsql.so (both package php5-pgsql 5.2.6.dfsg.1-1+lenny3).

The installed PHP extensions linking against libXdmcp.so on my system
are gd.so (package php5-gd 5.2.6.dfsg.1-1+lenny3) and imagick.so
(package php5-imagick 2.1.1RC1-1).

No custom or locally built extensions are being used.

>> Unfortunately I can't reproduce this right now.
> Please provide backtraces.

Given I can reproduce such a segfalut, how do I generate backtraces best
on a system being used by customers?


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