[php-maint] I await your response

Christobal Jetti cvjetti at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 13:28:50 UTC 2009

I honestly need your help to carryout this assignment.

Mr. Pedro Alexandre is the CEO of ¨ORO VIVO¨ a major wholesale and
distributor of JEWELRY; diamond necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and
wristwatches’ here in Spain. He is presently facing a chargeable offence
of tax evasion for eight years. And the government of Spain are in the
quest to confisticate / freeze all his bank accounts, properties and make
him answer to the law.

My name is Christobal Jetti, I am the attorney in charge of Mr. Pedro
Alexandre´s estates, and he has given me the responsibility to save as
much as I could of his properties from the reach of the government
agencies investigating his case. He's at the moment in detention as his
case is seriously investigated. I crave your empathic sympathy to help
save the little am able to recover of my client´s properties which the
government could not get at. I am anticipating your kindheartedness,
readiness and confidentiality in this process.

Upon my clients problem he confidentially confided in me his vaulted 18.8M
Euro which was lodged with a discrete security outfit, that I will
disclose to you as soon as I am able to secure your utmost and anticipated
cooperation in this process. I await your response with the below vital
information to help us begin the movement of this fund out of Spain:

1. The percentage you would want to receive in order to consummate this

2. Your full name and address, to present you as the beneficiary of the fund.

3. Your mobile/cell number for swift communication and update.

Yours faithfully,

Christobal Jetti

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