[php-maint] lenny php upgrade plans?

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Fri Sep 11 11:41:50 UTC 2009

hi siri,

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 01:41:01PM -0500, Siri Vias Khalsa wrote:
> What is the upgrade path, if any, for php in lenny? Will 5.2.10 be going
> to lenny?

there won't be any updates to the version in lenny apart from security
updates and fixes for serious bugs.  if you want 5.2.10 you should
consider either backporting the package, or pinning your system and then
pulling in php5 from testing.  neither of these approaches are ideal,
but i'd say both are a tiny bit better than maintain it yourself in

alternatively, if you find the cause of a particular problem in the lenny
version we can discuss whether it makes sense trying to backport a fix
for the problem into lenny as well, though this isn't exactly easy with
php (largely due to the way they operate upstream).

also, just fyi i've heard a few bad things about the state of 5.2.10
with regards to new regressions/bugs as well..

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