[php-maint] Bug#546164: User related comments

Federico Gimenez Nieto fgimenez at coit.es
Fri Sep 11 12:36:06 UTC 2009

To be more precise, the command issued to install as a common user is:

  pear -d include_path=/usr/share/php -d php_dir=/home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve -d data_dir=/home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve -d doc_dir=/home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve -d test_dir=/home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve install -O -P /home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve /home/fgimenez/php-net-sieve/Net_Sieve-1.1.7/package.xml

and it gives the same result:

  download directory "/home/aba/php5-5.2.10.dfsg.1/pear-build-download" is not writeable.  Change download_dir config variable to a writeable dir

  Cannot download non-local package "Net_Sieve-1.1.7/package.xml"

  install failed

If the command is executed by root, a /home/aba/php5-5.2.10.dfsg.1/pear-build-download is created.



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