[php-maint] php5/5.3.3-6 ready

Ondřej Surý ondrej at sury.org
Tue Dec 7 15:02:12 UTC 2010


I have php5/5.3.3-5 built with following changes:

 php5 (5.3.3-6) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Cherry-pick fix for crashes on invalid parameters in intl extension.
   * Cherry pick fix for crash in zip extract method (possible CWE-170)
   * Cherry pick fix for unaligned memory access in ext/hash/hash_tiger.c
   * Update CVE-2010-3870 to include test case
   * Cherry pick complete fix to reject filenames with NULL (CVE requested)

5.3.3-5 is already in the testing (the open_basedir regression), so I
can upload it any moment.

So you probably have few hours to speak up before I'll upload it.

Ondřej Surý <ondrej at sury.org>

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