[php-maint] Bug#605571: Bug#605571: libapache2-mod-php5: Please enable pcntl functions

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Dec 8 18:06:18 UTC 2010

tags 605571 wontfix


On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 12:14:02PM +0100, Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
> I have PHP code that wants to check the return value of pclose() and I
> need the pcntl_wifexited() and pcntl_wexitstatus() functions to do
> the work in a clean/portable way.
>         $status = pclose($handle);
>         if (!pcntl_wifexited($status) || pcntl_wexitstatus($status) != 0) {
> 		echo "FAIL";
> 	}
> Unfortunately that function is only available in the -cli variant of PHP5
> for a reason that I ignore.

well you may choose to ignore it, but we can't since we're the ones
who would be responsible for the fall-out :)

as a workaround you could probably call a wrapper script which could
communicate the status back to the caller in some slightly-less-clean

> You should either build this module in all variants or provide it as a plugin
> like all other php-mysql/gd/foo packages.

unfortunately i don't think it's compilable as a module (i.e. i don't
think there's an "=shared" option for this, it's either on or off).  if
i'm wrong then we could maybe do this as long as it defaults to off for
the apache flavored SAPI's and comes with a BIG FAT S3CURITY WRNING!!1!one!

in the meantime i'll tag it wontfix and we can leave it for further

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