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Thu Feb 4 04:25:45 UTC 2010

Package: php-mdb2
Priority: optional
Section: web
Installed-Size: 524
Maintainer: Debian PHP Maintainers <pkg-php-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture: all
Version: 2.5.0b2-1~bpo50+1
Depends: php-pear (>= 5.2.0-8)
Filename: pool/main/p/php-mdb2/php-mdb2_2.5.0b2-1~bpo50+1_all.deb
Size: 81428
MD5sum: 47d9180a6720959e526d434560322ca7
SHA1: cdd8498c7e5b149405b55730e5841ad9c74f8353
SHA256: 0ab80cb5c6b3750c321b3f79a1aad12215a9ac8a80ed3217f87f5ce2f1065d30
Description: PHP PEAR module to provide a common API for supported RDBMS
 PEAR MDB2 is a merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase php database
 abstraction layers.
 It provides a common API for all supported RDBMS. The main difference
 to most other DB abstraction packages is that MDB2 goes much further
 to ensure portability. MDB2 provides most of its many features
 optionally that can be used to construct portable SQL statements:
  * Object-Oriented API
  * A DSN (data source name) or array format for specifying database
  * Datatype abstraction and on demand datatype conversion
  * Various optional fetch modes to fix portability issues
  * Portable error codes
  * Sequential and non sequential row fetching as well as bulk fetching
  * Ability to make buffered and unbuffered queries
  * Ordered array and associative array for the fetched rows
  * Prepare/execute (bind) named and unnamed placeholder emulation
  * Sequence/autoincrement emulation
  * Replace emulation
  * Limited sub select emulation
  * Row limit emulation
  * Transactions/savepoint support
  * Large Object support
  * Index/Unique Key/Primary Key support
  * Pattern matching abstraction
  * Module framework to load advanced functionality on demand
  * Ability to read the information schema
  * RDBMS management methods (creating, dropping, altering)
  * Reverse engineering schemas from an existing database
  * SQL function call abstraction
  * Full integration into the PEAR Framework
  * PHPDoc API documentation
Homepage: http://pear.php.net/package/MDB2

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