[php-maint] An automatic script to build PEAR packages

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sat Jan 9 03:41:50 UTC 2010

Raphael Geissert wrote:
> but was http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/Git too hard to find?

Sorry, I missed it. Thanks for the link.

>> Before I put all of my packages in Alioth, can you clone this one, and
>> let me know if it's as expected?
>> ssh://alioth.debian.org/git/pkg-php/php-crypt-cbc.git
> Er, no. Why do you think having the original tarball in a branch is
> useful? if you want to use the tarball in tarball, which is strongly
> discouraged, there's no need to ship the unpacked files either. N.b.
> Nowadays, I don't think anyone would sponsor  a package with a tarball
> inside a tarball.

Oh, I thought it was only in the Git, and that git-buildpackage would
remove it or something! :/ This was of course not intended, this was
made by git-import-dsc I believe. So I'd like to know, how come it's
adding an archive to my repo then? How do you normally create your repo?
Do you keep the debian folder totally away in a separate branch?

> And by taking a quick look at the package:
> * Please add comments for lintian overrides on the overrides file
> itself. It is easier to inspect them that way.
> * Overriding that lintian tag is incorrect, read its description and
> get upstream to change the license. Why do you think that "Crypt_CBC
> is part of PHP"?

It has been discussed already that only php itself and the pear packages
are allowed to use the php 2.x license in Debian, as we believe they are
part of PHP itself (see clause 3 of the license, which is the issue with
the 2.x php license), which is why I wrote the override. If you believe
otherwise, or if this has changed, then we shall reopen this discussion,
but I really believe this was a settled issue.

>> As per the above page, I have 3 branches: master, debian, upstream. Is
>> this the way you think it should be / you like it?
> For PHP we only use debian-<release> and upstream-<release> branches,
> but if you can deal with three branches and you know what you are
> doing it is fine.

So basically, are you saying I should kill the master branch?

Please bare with me for the few questions I need to ask. I feel a bit
ashame of some. I'm asking so that in the near future, everything goes
smooth and my work integrates correctly with the rest of the team. I'm
quite sorry if some are newbies questions, but this round of stupid
questions wont last for long, and I believe it's better to ask rather to
do mistakes and work for nothing. I hope I'll prove you soon it is worth
answering me, and that my work WILL be valuable! :)


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