[php-maint] 13 php pear module ready in the Git to be sponsored

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Tue Jan 26 10:31:15 UTC 2010


Sorry that I had no time to work on this earlier, but here it goes, I
have sent all my work to the Git on Alioth.

What I did is that, for each of the packages, there is 3 branches. One
upstream were I work on the upstream source, one debian that has the
debian folder, and a master that is a merge of the other 2. I found it
more convenient this way. If you believe that I should kill the branch
"master" (which would make sense, but I still got no answer from anyone
about this), let me know, and I'll do that.

Also, all upstream branches has been tagged with the upstream source
version, but not yet the debian branch, as it's not released in Debian
yet. As soon as it will, I'll add the tag.

If you want to build, just do this (example for php-crypt-cbc):

git clone http://git.debian.org/git-http/pkg-php/php-crypt-cbc.git
cd php-crypt-cbc
./debian/rules deb SIGN=yes

This will create the orig.tar.gz and build using a folder in /tmp, then
moving the results in .. (as I don't really like the Debian git build
tools, I hope you are fine with the way I do).

Here's the list of NEW packages:
- php-numbers-words
- php-text-captcha
- php-text-figlet
- php-xml-rss
- php-services-json
- php-mime-type
- php-http-webdav-server

Here's the list of UPDATED packages:
- php-crypt-cbc
- php-event-dispatcher
- php-http-upload
- php-image-text
- php-net-ping
- php-net-portscan

absolutely ALL of them need sponsoring, as I am still not finished
applying to be a DD. Sponsors welcome. As I realize that there's a lot
of package, I do not expect only a single sponsor. Please pickup ANY of
them, just one package is fine. Please do not leave my work stand there
uselessly and have a look...


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