[php-maint] Is anyone working on phploc?

Ondřej Surý ondrej at debian.org
Sun Jan 31 17:54:25 UTC 2010


do we really need every little script lying around in the Debian
archive? This script is easily installable and probably used only on
once in a while. It doesn't need a compilation or any special effort
to use it. So pretty please, pick something bigger or more useful to


On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 18:23, Raphael Geissert <geissert at debian.org> wrote:
> [sending you a copy as I assume you are not subscribed]
> Hi,
> On 30 January 2010 23:41, Luis Uribe <acme at eviled.org> wrote:
>> Hi Team
>> Recently i discover [1]phploc, a small script to parse php files and return
>> some information about it size.
>> I think it's a good tool and love to see a Debian/Ubuntu package, so before i
>> start the package, i'd like to know if someone is already working on it.
>> [1]http://sebastianbergmann.github.com/phploc/
> Since you already maintain some packages I assume you are aware of WNPP, right?
> If the package is listed there as an ITP then yes, somebody is working
> on it. Else, the answer is no.
> P.S. there's already ohcount (which is written in ruby) already on the
> archive, don't know if that's enough for your needs.
> Cheers,
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