[php-maint] Team updates

Raphael Geissert geissert at debian.org
Sat Jul 17 18:39:49 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 30 June 2010 13:44:29 Raphael Geissert wrote:
> It's been more than two months since the last upload and some bugs have
> been accumulated. So, first things first: is there any change anyone would
> like to include in the next upload?
> I'm going to [failed promises...]

Since I failed to do what I planned (refer to my message to -private for the 
main reason,) here's what I'm going to do tomorrow, Sunday:

* Upload what we got in debian-unstable to sid tomorrow, including a couple of 
bugs from the BTS.
* Upload RC3 to experimental, off-vcs (sorry, but the branch merges tricks are 

If I have more time:
* I'm going to work on the extensions manager and finalise the DSA (this one's 
been a bit painful, and I'm probably going to upload it to somewhere public to 
get more testing before actually releasing it.)
* Finish the long-awaited d-d-a mail.

> * If 5.3.3 is released by the end of July, as (tentatively) planned by
> upstream, we could release squeeze with that version. That would reduce our
> delta _a lot_.

The current plan (for those not following internals) for the release of 5.3.3. 
is the 22nd. Once the RC is uploaded please do test it and help verify the 
test failures.

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