[php-maint] Bug#380731: understanding and kwow your place

Pierre Joye pierre.php at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 00:14:31 UTC 2010


I find quite amusing to read the comments in this bug report. Steve
Langasek's reply is simply too stupid to even be considered, yet
another extremist who make Debian such a pain to use.

However I can fully understand Steve as maintaining another SAPI is a
lot of work, and from a time point of view, it could be hard to
support. But I'd to say that it is an expected situation given the way
you patch PHP in all possible ways, including the suhoshin patch being
actived by default (which adds its lot of pain as well). Maybe the
right time to reconsider this strategy and work more closely with us
at php, as some of you began to do a couple of weeks ago. A long
awaited step.


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