[php-maint] Bug#380731: Bug#380731: understanding and kwow your place

Pierre Joye pierre.php at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 08:48:10 UTC 2010


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 7:49 AM, sean finney <seanius at debian.org> wrote:
> hi pierre,
> i'd like to point out that while some of us have been making active
> efforts to reach out and cooperate, your hyperbole makes it it very
> difficult and demotivating to continue doing so.  fwiw, i also hope
> the people on our end of the fence keep the level of rhetoric down.


> as for your opinions on the suhosin patch, libgd, embedded timezone
> data, etc--they may all have valid arguments behind them, but this is
> neither the place nor the approach/tone for approaching them.  if you
> want to push for some kind of reconciliation, please bring it up in a
> constructive form on the pkg-php mailing list or a seperate bug report.

That has been done already, for what I can do there is even an open
report about GD (which is solved as of 5.3.0+ :).

> for everyone else, this is a bug report about the embedded sapi and
> nothing else, so please keep anything unrelated to this out of the
> bug report.  as it is i'm already considering trashing the bug report
> and opening a new one because of all the bad blood.  in the meantime
> please refer to my previous post (#50) for what our current position
> on this is (no time to do so, possible technical concerns, someone else
> will have to do the legwork and it will be after squeeze at soonest).

About embed, I also think it is prematur to bring it to a stable
package. It needs some changes to be useful (for ex. split init
functions so it can be used with embedded server more efficiently).
Maybe a good start would be to contribute directly to PHP and add some
tests for this SAPI. Once we reached a stable state, distros can then
consider to bring it to their users.


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